Little details you missed in Forrest Gump

The relationship between Forrest and Jenny forms the basis of the entire film. They meet on the bus on their first day of school and Forrest instantly falls in love with her. He knows she is incredibly special to him, but he struggles to understand the more tangible and intimate aspects of true love and companionship. For her part, Jenny constantly pushes him away from her, despite him being the only consistently positive force in her life.

By the end of the film, Jenny and Forrest are deeply in love, but their marriage is tragically cut short due to Jenny’s terminal illness. In a heartbreaking monologue, Forrest stands over her grave and weeps, telling her that she “died Saturday morning”.

However, when we see her tombstone, it is revealed that the day she died was March 22, 1982. A day in historyMarch 22, 1982 was actually a Monday. This is a relatively minor detail in the film, and does not affect the plot at all. But it is curious that the creators did not bother to double-check the date, especially given the significance of the very date of her birth.

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