Little details you missed on the day shift

So many of the little details in Day Shift that make a big difference are in the characters’ uniforms and accessories. From start to finish, the film does a truly stellar job of selecting, modifying and keeping track of the many outfits and accessories it contains, always choosing the most logical, story-driven options. The most obvious example is the thick clothes that vampires wear when out in the sun (before Audrey’s new sunscreen has run), but a less obvious example is what they wear when they’re safe in the shade. Vampires obviously wear what they want by default, be it a business suit, tuxedo, or Victorian pantaloons. This stylistic freedom makes sense, given that vampires are immune to the effects of heat and cold.

Conversely, people almost always wear functional clothing, and on the rare occasions when this is not the case, they are called out. When he hunts, Jablonsky always wears either a disguise, such as a pool cleaner uniform, or functional clothing, such as his trademark combination of cargo pants and a light, discreet top. Likewise, the Nazarene brothers are dressed in head-to-toe combat gear. The only person who forgets this is Franco’s aspiring hunter, Seth, who comes to his first hunt in full costume. Jablonski immediately gives him (har-har) undressing, and since then his outfits have been purely functional.

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