Little People fans criticize Tori Roloff for ‘dangerous’ parenting decision with 2-year-old daughter Lila in new clip

LITTLE people Tori Roloff has been criticized by Big World fans for making a dangerous parenting decision in the latest episode.

The reality TV star has overlooked her 2-year-old daughter after putting her in a risky situation, and fans are unhappy.


Tori sat with her arms crossed over her chest, oblivious to her baby on the counter, talking to her husband and father-in-law.1 credit
Tori Roloff allowed her 2-year-old daughter Lila to sit on the counter with her back to her.


Tori Roloff allowed her 2-year-old daughter Lila to sit on the counter with her back to her.1 credit

The 31-year-old woman placed her daughter on the counter and turned around to get something from the closet.

Lila sat unsupervised on the kitchen table, surrounded by balloons and birthday decorations.

Tori then turned her back on Lila as she sat down to talk to her husband’s father, Matt.

Lila’s grandfather and father were in the same room, but they would be too far away to catch her if she fell.

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Little People fans criticize Tori Roloff for 'driving a wedge' between Zach and Matt

Matt talked to Tori about her morning sickness to try and defuse the tension between them.

At one point, she turned to pass Lila the food, but then she turned her back on her again.

Jackson then awoke from his sleep and Tori placed him on the counter to stand barefoot, but removed him very quickly.

As soon as Matt was leaving, Tori turned to face her little one and told her to say goodbye to grandpa, and the little one was not very happy.

LPBW fans included Reddit were furious after seeing what happened and took to the platform to comment on it.

“Who the hell leaves a kid sitting on the counter? back to him? My heart was in my throat the whole scene. Maybe Lila just doesn’t move, but phew!” they signed the post.

Added to the original poster is a screenshot of Tori sitting with his arms crossed over his chest.

Many fans expressed their angry opinions on the platform.


Little People Big World observers automatically blamed Tori for leaving her child unattended.

“My husband came into the room during this scene and immediately asked why she was standing on the counter like that. I replied that a Reddit subscriber must have something to say about this, haha. in front of the cameras, imagine how bad it is when they are not there,” said one fan.

“That scene also made me feel very uncomfortable. All this time I don’t think I listened to a word they said lol. I’m not sure if it was just a montage, but it also seemed like she walked away and left Lila there for a moment. too. I could never do that with my kids,” another chimed in.

“I felt your concern,” added a third.

Other fans were worried that she would fall due to her small stature.

“And she’s so tiny! That would be a big downfall for any toddler, but especially for an LP kid,” they said.

“I thought the same. I thought, mmm, I hope she has a good balance,” wrote another fan.

Many said that Tori considered this a lazy upbringing.


This isn’t the first time Tori and Zach have been scolded for their bad parenting.

Last month, a reality TV couple let Laila play and crawl around the street while they were outside.

They followed her, but were busy talking about the future of the family.

And again the fans went to Reddit to express his disgust at their “lazy parenting”.

“Pick up your child from the street. What’s wrong with them?” one user said.

“Babies are always shaking their big heads. One swing, and she will hit her head on the concrete face forward, ”said another critic.

A third chimed in: “I had a baby and I didn’t let her crawl on dirty cement where people walk and drive and pets pee and poop.”

Many other fans have said they would never let their child crawl down the street.

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Tori and Zach are also the parents of 5-year-old Jackson and Josiah, whom they welcomed back in April.

Little People, Big World airs Tuesdays at 8:00 pm on TLC.

Tori has been criticized by LPBW fans for not keeping an eye on her daughter when she was in a dangerous situation.


Tori was criticized by LPBW fans for not looking at her daughter when she was in a dangerous situation.1 credit
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Tori Roloff posts adorable family photos with newborn babyCredit: Monique Serra Photography
Tori and Zach recently welcomed their third child.


Tori and Zach recently welcomed their third child.1 credit

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