Little People fans have been criticizing Zach and Tori for bringing 5-year-old son Jackson into a feud with his father Matt in an ‘uncomfortable’ video.

LITTLE PEOPLE Fans of the big world have criticized Zach Roloff for getting his 5-year-old son Jackson involved in a feud with his father Matt.

The feud began over a decision to sell the family farm or not.


Zack Roloff has been criticized by fans for getting his son involved in a family feud.1 credit
Matt Roloff looks confused when his grandson tells them they're moving


Matt Roloff looks confused when his grandson tells them they’re moving1 credit

The final season of LPBW aired on May 17 and the tension was high.

The trailer for the show showed how Zack had his son Jackson come up to his father Matt and his girlfriend Karin to tell them they were moving.

“Do you want to tell Cha-Cha and Grandpa that we’re moving to the Battlefield?” Zach asks his son.

Jackson looked flustered but listened to his father.

“You know?” Jackson said as he approached them. “We… are moving towards the Battlefield.”

“Are you moving?” Karin asked, to which Jackson replied, “Yes.”

For a while no one said anything, and everyone just stood there with their arms crossed over their chests.

Now Zack is being scolded by fans for getting his young son involved in the feud.


Fans included Reddit were quick to criticize the reality TV star for his decision.

“Zack makes Jackson break the news and like, Zack, you’ve done a good job of it so far, but it’s a hell of a move. On behalf of all the kids who are stuck delivering bad news to the family – it was a hell of a move,” they captioned the tape.

“Aside from the bitch thing when Jackson broke the news, Zach and Tory were pretty sensible – they made the decision not to keep trying to get the farm, they realized they would never get it the way they wanted to. wanted, it’s time to let go,” the original poster continued.

Other fans chimed in and agreed with them, saying it was wrong.

Note: I agree that using Jackson to report the news was a bad decision. The whole scene was awkward and tense. chased away his grandchildren and used them to deliver bad news to amplify the blow. They are clearly angry and offended. I don’t blame them though,” commented one fan.

“Despite the fact that I am on their side, Z&T showed immaturity here. They forced Jackson to break the news; they suggested that Matt’s lack of response was intended to hurt them, when in fact he might actually feel neutral or happy that they had changed and abandoned the farm idea,” another chimed in.

Many others agreed that while they thought Zach and Tori’s behavior was terrible, they enjoyed the series.


During the feud over the farm, Zach prevented Matt from seeing his grandchildren.

Earlier this year, he and Tori welcomed their third child.

“We go from seeing them almost daily to being completely cut off,” Matt said.

“Like, ‘You won’t see the kids, we won’t take them to the farm. You won’t talk to them,” Karin added.

“I’m sad. I’m confused,” she said.


After Zach and Tory decided not to buy the farm, Matt decided to put it up for sale.

According to Wall Street JournalMatt, 60, is asking for $4 million for a farm in Oregon where he and his ex-wife Amy raised their four children.

Although the lot for sale is only a fraction of the total land owned, the 16 acres offer enough unique features to be considered a theme park of its own.

The main house is approximately 5,400 square feet. But the rest of the property includes playgrounds built for his children.

Matt said that he plans to build another house on the remaining land and continue to grow pumpkins on it.

He added that he would split his time between the farm and his home in Arizona with his girlfriend.

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Along with Jackson, Tori and Zach also have a two-year-old daughter, Lyla, and newborn Josiah.

It is not yet clear if the farm has been sold.

Zach Roloff shares cute family move shots


Zach Roloff shares cute family move shots1 credit
Tensions were high during the LPBW season premiere.


Tensions were high during the LPBW season premiere.1 credit
Tori Roloff on a beach holiday with family


Tori Roloff on a beach holiday with familyCredit: Tori Roloff / Instagram

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