Livia Firth: ‘Let’s buy less, only by slowing down will we solve this mess’

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  • with. COP26. – UN’s Next Climate Change Summit – In the corners, there has never been a better time to see how the fashion industry as a whole can contribute to the environmental crisis.

    That’s why Tuscany President Eugenio Gianni and Florence Mayor Dario Nordella have launched The Renaissance Awards in partnership with Echo Edge, which helps brands reduce their impact on people and the planet.

    The Nishania Award is the first global award dedicated to the work of international young leaders on sustainability. They will premiere in film form in Florence on October 11, and worldwide on SKY on October 18.

    Here, Leviathan Firth, co-founder and creative director of EcoAge, tells us about the new awards, which come four years after the Green Carpet Fashion Awards.

    What are reincarnation awards?

    They are about young leaders from around the world who are working on solutions to a more socially just, ecologically regenerative, economically inclusive and technologically balanced world. They are sending a strong message that we are facing, constructively addressing global challenges, using common innovation, empathy and ground awareness to implement authentic, profound change. They are our new resurrection – that’s why the resurrection awards.

    How is it made from the Green Carpet Fashion Awards?

    Although with Echo Edge we have always used fashion as a lens to look at issues such as climate change, inequality, slavery and so on – this year we needed to transcend industry. ۔ As one of my mentors, Professor Hakan Karausman always says – Sustainability is a multifaceted issue and we can’t choose anyone without the risk of being upset or greenwashed. These young leaders take global challenges to heart in an interfaith way, knowing that we cannot solve a problem without looking at them all.

    So GCFA will be back next year with a special edition that will surprise everyone!

    How did you choose the winners?

    We used the Future Fit Framework to create 4 pillars:

    • Socially only.
    • Environmental restoration.
    • Economically involved
    • Technically balanced

    And under each of them we selected young leaders who received awards – even working with organizations like Neil Rogers. We are a family foundation.. We wanted to give examples but millions of young leaders deserve these awards!

    Did you first become aware of the effects of your wardrobe on this planet?

    The first time I went to Bangladesh in 2008 and visited a factory, it had the biggest impact on me – I saw for the first time the effects of fast-disposable fashion on women like me who live in remote countries and The lives of are considered. Somehow less expensive

    If you watch our latest episode. Fashion Scape Series. In Circular Economy you will see what we are doing with the planet – an example of this is the Cantamanto market in Ghana where 15 million items of clothing arrive every week and from Sammy, the fashion designers we interviewed. One closed the movie a lot. Simple question from CEOs of fast fashion: Why are you comfortably hitting the planet?

    What can fashion brands do to become more sustainable, and what can we do at home to help?

    Fashion brands need to seriously develop and implement sustainable business strategies that go beyond PowerPoint presentations or press releases. We work tirelessly with some of them on a daily basis. And each of us has the greatest power – far greater than brands or governments as we vote from our wallets when we buy.

    So let’s vote right, let’s buy less and buy better, let’s reward the brands and products that work in harmony with people and the planet. And more than anything – let’s buy less. Just by slowing down we will solve this mess.

    Is there anything you are looking for, especially when buying a new dress?

    How long can I wear it? My closet is full of old clothes – they are like my favorite memories. Good quality, good design, something I bought in the 20’s I’m still wearing in the 50’s and if I buy something today I want to know if I’ll wear it in my 80’s!

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