Lizzo’s Emmys speech celebrates “big girls” and highlights the importance of representation.

The sky is the limit. It’s what many of us hear growing up, as we daydream about what our future might look like. We can do it all! Become an astronaut and ride a meteor in space. Be the president and make chocolate chip pancakes a main dish at every meal. Be an actor and shine like no other on the red carpet.

It’s easy to imagine all this when you’ve seen someone else succeed in such endeavors. Especially when someone looks like you and is openly admired and admired. You can take this building block and connect it to your understanding of the world. You can be a president, you can be a princess, you can be beautiful and admirable.

Emmy winner Lizzo gave an acceptance speech that resonated with many. Highlighting the topic of representation and its importance in a child’s life, she recalled a time when she wanted to see someone like her in the media. Now, many will be able to.

To go a little further, we’ll also look at the heartwarming reactions of children of color to the trailer for The Little Mermaid, starring a black actress, Halle Bailey, because of the importance of representation. is direct expression. Let’s dive into it!

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Lizzo won an Emmy for her stellar competition show “Watch Out For the Big Grrrls,” but it’s her acceptance speech that’s making waves.

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“When I was a little girl, I just wanted to see me in the media. Someone as fat as me. Black as me. Beautiful as me. If I could go back and tell little Lizzo anything, I would be like, ‘You’ll see the person, but, b***, it’s got to be you!’

Lizzo said this as part of his acceptance speech, which brought him and many others to tears during his 2022. Won the Emmys.. The star received the honor for the hit competition show “Watch Out For the Big Grrrls,” which took her down memory lane and back to her childhood when she wanted to see someone like her on TV.

“When I was a little girl, all I wanted to see in the media was me. Someone fat like me. Black like me. Beautiful like me,” she said, noting the importance of representation.

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“The big girls just hit the stage – now!” He encouraged. “I first want to thank the Emmys and the Emmy voters. I’m very emotional. The trophy is nice, but my emotion goes to the people who are on stage with me. The stories they share. They are so are not unique, they just don’t get the platform. Telling stories, let’s tell more stories.

Her now award-winning show follows 13 women competing to become the next “BIG GRRRL” dancer for Lizzo’s 2022 tour. Looking for a partner dancer in Hollywood, California. He praised all the contestants, who were cheering in the audience, saying: “They’re Emmy Award-winning superstars going on a world tour. Shout out to my big girls. I Love you guys so much. Daddy, I love you, oh my God. God bless you all!”

Lizzo is now one step closer to the coveted EGOT, a compilation of Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony awards. As of 2022, 17 people have achieved this feat.

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Lizzo is now one step closer to the coveted title. EGOTCompilation of Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony Awards. EGOT’s acquisition has been called the “Grand Slam” of show business. As of 2022, 17 people have accomplished the feat, and it looks like Lizzo will be the 18th very soon.

This opens up a very important and interesting discussion on the representation of minorities in pop culture and media. Dr. Ninochka Mctaggart et al. 2019 found that although Black girls and women make up 6.5% of the US population, only 3.7% of them are seen as leads/co-leads in the 100 highest-grossing films of the past decade. This figure has improved in recent years.

Black women are often underrepresented or misrepresented in pop culture, leading to criticism of Black women for their natural characteristics.

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Students of Black history At the University of San Diego note that, for a long time, disinformation It was a means for black women to feel superior to white people, leading to clichéd interpretations such as the “angry black woman.” It has played an important role in bringing to life harmful and limiting stereotypes.

They argue that because whiteness is dominant, black women are often underrepresented or misrepresented, leading black women to criticize their natural characteristics, thinking That they are not beautiful because they are different from the ideals shown. This is important because the way they interpret black women in their youth will affect their future perceptions and overall self-identity. It can also be applied to those outside the coveted model body type.

The same can be said for overweight people. So should people be ridiculed and misrepresented simply based on their race, weight and body composition?

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The average American adult is Overweight or obesity, so the normal weight person is actually in the minority; However, this is not how it is seen in pop culture. Popular television shows featuring people who are obese either portray them. Humorous, lonely characters, or demonsMany people promote the idea that obesity is caused by individual failings rather than a combination of individual, environmental and genetic factors.

But even while being more healthy, one still has to live within one’s body. So should people be ridiculed and misrepresented simply based on their weight and body composition? Why do we base our worth on peer competition?

“She looks like me!”: The reaction to the trailer for the live-action remake of The Little Mermaid is a good example of the importance of positive representation.

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These are heavy questions to ponder, but let’s look at a little silver lining in the form of The Little Mermaid live-action remake. The Internet was abuzz when Halle Bailey was announced to play the lead role of Ariel. Many took issue with the casting of a black actress for someone who is characterized as white with red hair.

Now that the trailer is out and we can get the first glimpse of the film, many parents are filming their youngsters’ reactions and, in my mind, that’s enough to silence all the haters and naysayers. The moment when young black girls finally Seen representing himself As one of the all-time classic Disney princesses is worth noting.

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Parents filmed their young daughters expressing joy as they realized their beloved princess, played by Halle Bailey, was closer than ever.

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A video has been posted. Tick ​​tockIn the caption, “When Your Favorite Disney Princess Looks Like You,” a little 3-year-old girl is seen sitting up after seeing Ariel on screen. “I think she’s brown,” she says in the video, her face lighting up. “Brown Ariel is cute.” I one morea girl screams excitedly as her mother films: “Mama, he’s black!”

It gives hope that the divisions based on appearance alone will soon diminish and that we will be able to fully accept and celebrate each other.

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We still have a long way to go to fully represent all of us, but it’s exciting to know that little girls now have more role models to look up to and help them make their dreams come true. It gives hope that the division based on appearances alone will soon diminish and we will be able to fully accept and celebrate each other.

You can watch Lizzo’s full speech here.

Polly ArangoThe founder of Black Women Photographers, hopes that “I and many others will continue to work so that we are not haunted by racism. That we can simply be photographers without fighting for visibility, access, support, and paid opportunities.” Until then, the work will continue.”

Many people celebrated Lizzo’s message and agreed with its importance. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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