Logie Awards 2022: Sportsbet ranks Sonya Kruger second to Hamish Blake in the Gold Logie award

Three years after the Tom Gleason controversy rocked TV Week Logies, betting sites have predicted that we might be in for another surprise tonight.

Three years after Tom Gleason’s memorable 2019 Gold Logie win, the industry is set to crown another great television series on Sunday night, but will it be as wild as the last ceremony?

Comedian Gleason caused controversy after running a relentless campaign to win, poking fun at Logies and his competitors for several weeks. When he did win the prize, his victory was followed by weeks of exasperated industry peers criticizing the “lack of courtesy” in his acceptance speech.

This year, radio star Hamish Blake was called “out of the loop” for the gong, but according to Sportsbet, he could be spotted on duty at night by television’s golden girl, Channel 7’s Sonya Krueger.

As Blake leads the family’s favorite competition Lego Masters on Channel 9, still heads $1.80, his odds down in weeks from $1.40. Elsewhere, Kruger has risen from $6 to $4 and is now the second favorite.

ChefMelissa Leong takes third place at $5.50 and her iconic Home and away actor Ray Meagher for $10 and i’m a celebrityJulia Morris for $11.

Krueger, 56, has finally received recognition for her 20 years on our screens with the nod “Most Popular Personality”.

Earlier this week, she told TV tonight that “the time has come” for a woman to receive an award, noting that most male nominees have already taken home the Golden Loggia in the past.

“And it’s not a popularity contest, but last year I hosted every show on Channel 7 and deserved it more than anyone else,” she joked.

Sean Ormerod of Sportsbet agreed.

“Sonya will be a well-deserved winner if she takes home the gold,” he said.

“It’s not that much she didn’t show up, Big Brother, Holi Moli, Dancing with the Starsto name a few, and there is no doubt about her popularity among the voters.” Kruger also took Voice this year.

According to the bookmaker, both of the biggest underdogs are former Gold Logie winners, with Difficult quiz accept Tom Gleason for $11 and Karl Stefanovich for $13.

When Gleason was announced as the latest Gold Logie winner, he definitely had something to say about it.

As he accepted his award with a glass of wine in hand, Gleason launched into an eight-minute speech in which he poked fun at Australian TV nights and those who really cared about the awards.

“Just because you all want it and I have it, don’t get mad at me,” he said on stage.

“There was a lot of concern that I was turning this award into a joke. But you forget that I am a comedian. I love jokes.

“This award has meant so much to so many different people, and it doesn’t stop there. He did a lot of good things for different people… But for me it’s a joke. But I love jokes. I really enjoy them. I really think we should all ease this crap. I am really.”

The speech was not liked by Tracy Grimshaw, who blew Gleason on current casesaying, “We all waited for him to change pace and finish his speech with some finesse, but no chance.”

Amanda Keller, Gold Logie’s sentimental favorite this year, admitted she was “a little underwhelmed” by the acceptance speech.

“Not Enough Grace” Living room host said to Andrew Denton on Channel 7 Interview.

Live voting for the Golden Loggia is open until the end of the TV broadcast from the red carpet. Fans can now vote for their favorite shortlisted nominees at tvweeklogiesvote.com.

The 62nd TV Week Logie Awards will air this Sunday, June 19th from 7pm on Channel 9.

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