Logies 2022: An unexpected change to the infamous awards show

The Logies clean up the mess in a desperate attempt to be taken seriously. But there is an important element of the show that is in danger of being lost.

Like a caterpillar emerging from its cocoon and turning into a real butterfly, Logies has undergone a transformation.

TV Night of Nights, which returns this evening after a two-year hiatus caused by the pandemic, is steadily trying to change its perception from a national joke to a respected honour.

The ceremony was once reminiscent of a fashion show at a regional mall. It used to be about soap opera stars with icy tips and flammable outfits.

With the advent of social media, we all enjoyed making the same ridiculous jokes every year about how ridiculous the ceremony was.

“Blah blah blah Rock Eisteddfod,” we taunted on Twitter before adding something about Carl getting drunk again.

But the Logies are gradually putting themselves in order. Despite Tom Gleason’s desire to disrupt the evening by taking votes for the highest award, the ceremony is undergoing an irresistible evolution. Like a country cousin who goes to the big club for university and comes home for Christmas with a decent haircut and a penchant for Messina, the Logies have gotten a bit sophisticated.

The spotlight has expanded its reach of talent and shows. At the last ceremony in 2019 Gardening Australia Costa fought for the gold, proving that the night was no longer just a showcase of random hot 20 year olds from Home and away.

Remember how Carl won the gong in 2011 and took the moment to declare that his then-wife had “the best ass I’ve ever seen”? Well, times have changed.

We no longer accept speeches that sound like they could be delivered at a drunken 21st birthday party. The bar has been raised.

The platform provided by the main award of the evening has been used by the winners to defend important cases in recent years. Carrie Bickmore used her 2015 win to raise awareness for brain cancer, while 2017 winner Samuel Johnson dedicated the award to his ailing sister.

When project Walid Ali received gold in 2016. He delivered an inspirational speech that combined humor with intelligence and touched on diversity. It was the most exquisite moment the Lodge had ever had.

Like a decent haircut and a trip to Messina, these experiences are all positive and should stay. But we also need to preserve the bad taste that forms Logies’ DNA. This little golden man cannot forget his rich roots.

On today’s broadcast, we need poorly crafted parodies from hosts who can’t get their comedic performances right. We want Hughey to take the stage and chat with his peers while the cameramen move into their faces for clumsy reactionary shots.

At 11:00 pm, when we’re half asleep on the couch and the ceremony is only a quarter of the way through, we want Jessica Mauboy, Samantha Jade and Delta Goodrem to work together on an exhaustive medley as the headliner of the evening. This is our version of the Super Bowl halftime game, damn it!

And is the international special guest confirmed for tonight? The best part of the annual ceremony is when the producers trick the Hollywood celebrity.

Past stars have included Jessica Alba, Matt Le Blanc and every member of Destiny’s Child except Beyoncé. It’s always a treat when the camera pans to the celebrities in the crowd throughout the evening and we can watch them get more and more confused as to why the hell they had to come and hang out with some guy named Daryl Somers. .

You would think that the ceremony was moved from Melbourne to the Gold Coast in 2018 when the ceremony was moved from Melbourne to the Gold Coast, and it would look like the organizers are deliberately forgoing it. Shine! The charm! Glasses! It’s all there. Don’t resist it.

Yes, every year we mourn how awkward the ceremony is. But we wouldn’t want it any other way. We make fun of it the same way we make fun of our best friends and family members. Because we love them.

After a two-year hiatus, it is essential that the organizers return with success to prove how relevant Logies is to Australian culture. With a shield or on a shield.

And if the highlight of the evening doesn’t include the dangling of Gold Coast icon Chappelle Corby into the auditorium on a tether, like Nikki Webster at the Sydney 2000 Olympics opening ceremony, then the producers just aren’t trying hard enough.

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