Logies 2022: Golden Loggia Winner Hamish Blake Shows Huge Double Standards

Hamish Blake’s second Gold Logie win last night proves that sexism is still prevalent in the entertainment industry.

Hamish Blake took home the Gold Logie last night and this win serves as a reminder that men don’t have to work as hard as women to win or even just get nominated.

Blake beat Sonya Kruger, Melissa Leong and Julia Morris. All these women are known for being practically everywhere.

Kruger hosts several shows for Seven, perhaps the most famous. Voice as well as Big Brother.

Morris hosts Network 10’s I’m a celebrity… Get me out of herewas recently a member The Masked Singer and has an active comedy career. Likewise, Leong is the judge for Chefvery active blogger on Instagram, works for radio and still works as a food writer.

All these women are scammers working multiple jobs and juggling multiple balls. They do it all. Why? Because all this should be done by women – this is almost expected.

That’s why there is a book called How does she do it?

Meanwhile, Blake is broadcasting on Channel 9. Lego Masters and does his podcast with longtime comedy partner Andy Lee.

Of course, this is nothing to complain about. But Kruger is almost quadrupling his hosting-nominated load. Big Brother, Holi Moli, Dancing with the Stars; All Stars, Voice as well as Voice Generations to Seven.

She was recently quoted jokingly: “Last year I hosted every show on Channel 7 and I deserve it more than anyone else.”

Ironically, my criticism of Blake winning the Loggia d’Or doesn’t really apply to Blake at all.

Who doesn’t love him? He’s funny, sweet, and insanely talented.

It’s about women having to work four times as hard as men to even be mentioned in one sentence. They also rarely hit men, which they do more.

Kruger has been in the game for over 30 years and has taken everything from breakfast TV to hosting seriously. Big Brother.

Leong has made a name for herself as a food writer and has been everywhere since earning her gig on Chef.

If she had won, she would also have become the first woman of color to win the Golden Loggia.

Morris is known for trying her hand at just about everything. Remember when she was on House HusbandWith?

All of these women with long careers in the entertainment industry deserve a nomination for the Gold Logie Award. All these women deserved to win. But none of them took the statue home.

By comparison, their male contemporaries, frankly, just do a lot less.

Host Tom Gleason Difficult quiz on the ABC and does stand-up.

The composition of Karl Stefanovich is mainly Today show. Ray Meagher’s fame stems from Home and away. Kicker? All these men already have Gold Logies.

There is nothing wrong with these men having a lighter workload; why not?

The point is, men just don’t have to work that hard to reap the rewards.

They can comfortably take one job and know that there is a chance they will stay there forever.

Women have no such job security; they know they have to work even harder to get attention, trust me.

Stefanović has been a staple on breakfast television for decades; meanwhile, he had several female co-hosts.

Women diversify in hopes of maintaining their careers, men don’t feel the same pressure.

Blake’s win last night was a predictable outcome – even Sportsbet thought he was taking her home. But it goes to show how much easier it is to be a man.

If you’re a man you need one hit show to win gold, if you’re a woman you need a few under your belt and that’s just to secure a nomination.

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