Logies 2022 Winners: Finally got the Bogan award?

The jokes exploded, the winners didn’t show up, and the ceremony was as cringed as ever. But amidst the train wreck, there was a significant change.

If you read any Logies headlines today, obviously it was a train wreck.

From jokes to wardrobe issues to a plethora of no-shows, the ceremony sounded exactly like a stale, cowering Sunday night TV car wreck that we thankfully don’t have to watch anymore because streaming exists.

But you may have missed the bulk of last night’s events if you were distracted by the awkwardness of the ceremony, and these are the surprise winners.

The Logies, an irreconcilable return, an enchanting celebration of soap stars and variety presenters, can now be respectable …? Or as respectable as possible.

No longer beholden to whims Week TV readers and hard-working online publicists cut ballot papers from magazines, Logie winners are now scattered across a plethora of broadcasters and streamers.

This better reflects the talent in the Australian entertainment industry and the winners actually rank better in terms of talent and quality.

Just look who wins in popular categories – ABC stars Kitty Flanagan, Guy Pearce and Tony Armstrong, as well as a Channel 10 show. did you pay attention, Chef as well as Project.

None of these winners have the highest ratings or are the most sought after by the country’s paparazzi. But what they have in common is that they are great shows or talented artists. They are more into the craft than the number of Instagram followers.

Huge audience volume also does not equate to awards. Most Popular Logie winners reflect how many fans are compelled to watch something more than how many people enjoy watching something.

That’s the difference between passionate fandom and numb browsing—and ratings only measure the quantity, not the quality, of that devotion.

Hamish Blake is also a fully deserved Gold Logie winner. He works hard, he seems like a good person, he doesn’t take himself too seriously and Lego Masters it’s a good, family show that recognizes talent, not scandal.

In addition, he has not won the last four years in a row.

Yes, these things are subjective, but I don’t think anyone looked at the list of Logie winners and sincerely believed the multitude Home and away the starlets were truly the best the industry had to offer.

There used to be such a big disparity between the winners in the publicly voted “Popular” categories and the “Outstanding” rated categories, but this is no longer the case.

Just like many people watched Outstanding Drama Series news reader how they made Popular entertainment program glasses – and both of these shows will have a lot of crossover audiences.

Logies voters are now much more representative of the Australian audience thanks to a more accessible online voting platform.

ABC, SBS and Foxtel used to dominate the Outstanding categories but are now well represented in the Popular categories as well, reflecting the fact that traditional free-to-air networks, in particular channels 7 and 9, are losing their once close ties. power over Australian screen culture.

This is not limited to Logies. Streaming and video-on-demand have changed viewing habits, and the blind acceptance of any mediocre series that some programmer decides to sell to a Woolies ad is long over.

It’s a relic of the past, and the waning cultural power of Channels 7 and 9 at Logies over the past few years is showing on the stage they once owned.

Of course, it’s not all sunshine and roses, because the ceremony itself is still as disgusting as the 1996 winner list. Maybe if that weren’t the case, there could have been a lot more winners.

And Sonia Krueger, who was found vilifying Muslims by her 2016 comments calling for them to be banned from Australia by the New South Wales Civil and Administrative Tribunal, was still nominated for a Gold Logie, so we’re not rushing into some brighter future. .

Progress is always slow.

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