Longtime fans keep saying the same thing about modern South Park

“Can you tell if South Park is still good?” asked u/SoulOfaLiar on the r/southpark subreddit. It seems like an honest question, given that in the same post, the author admitted that he had never watched the show and was more interested in what fans of the long-running series had to say. In response, most commentators wrote that despite the ups and downs like any other TV program, South Park is still a strong show that is always funny. “Things have changed over the years, but it’s still incredible,” wrote you / Calbreezy9.

There were users like u/nm499x who were a bit critical, writing that South Park is still good even if it’s “definitely [isn’t] just as popular and funny as ever.” However, plenty of other comments were just as laconic and supportive of the show’s final seasons.

This is very different from what some critics are now saying about the series. The premiere of season 25 received controversy. A warm review from Charles Bramesco of The Guardianwho seems to think the disruptive nervousness is drying up. “Because Parker and Stone are now in their 50s, the biggest challenge they face is their own success,” Bramesco wrote.

Maybe then South Park fans see merit in the show, because for all its flaws, at least its writers are still trying. Other comments have contrasted Stone’s and Parker’s willingness to continue pushing the boundaries with the apparent complacency of his enthusiastic contemporaries. “IMHO, I think the show is more focused on creating quality content as opposed to The Simpsons, Family Guy and American Dad,” he wrote. u / Galil_Alexandro.

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