Los Angeles rapper J $ tash’s dark past revealed after girl’s murder

The Los Angeles rapper had experience selling drugs and domestic violence before killing his girlfriend on suspicion of murder-suicide.

Rapper J $ tash sold drugs before taking up music and allegedly beat his ex-girlfriend to unconsciousness. Sun USA reports.

The artist, known as Justin Joseph, allegedly shot and killed 28-year-old Jeanette Gallegos before pointing a gun at himself at his Los Angeles home on New Year’s Day.

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He is best known for his tracks Flexin, Guerillas and Nuthin.

The rapper left his home in South Florida and moved to New York to pursue musical projects.

In 2017, he told Crack, “I was born in New York, so I come back here every year since then.

“I love Florida, but there was never a good opportunity for me, so I had to leave.”

The artist admitted that selling drugs in his youth “taught” him to earn money.

He said, “You can pretty much just call me a prostitute. As a child, I never had a job, but I always managed to live on my own terms.

“This background and bustle is still in me to this day, they motivate me to never stop working (sic).”

In September 2014, the musician was accused of beating his ex-girlfriend Daniel Phaeton in the face and body.

As reported by the New York Daily News, he was charged with criminal breathing difficulties and assault. The charges were dropped after the rapper sought help in October of that year.

In a now deleted Tumblr post that was quoted by the media Bossip and the Daily News, Phaethon stated: “The person I thought and believed I could trust, to whom I gave my lost / time / energy to brutally punch me in the face while I slowly passed out in blood on his beds in a Brooklyn apartment. … “

She claimed that after Tash boarded a flight to Japan, he continued to text her, claiming that “he will destroy me even more than he has already done.”

The rapper denied the charges, accusing Phaeton of “libelous accusations.”

In his post, Phaethon said: “I will not allow myself to sit in the shadow of darkness and show disrespect to myself for not taking a firm stand.”

Rapper $ tash revealed that Asia had “the greatest influence” on his style.

He said: “Black has become very repetitive in fashion, but how they use darker tones is really interesting to me.

“Japan leads the trend and then everyone else picks it up, Korea and China start making really cool shit.”

Attack statements

The musician admitted that he had learned to be more “disciplined”, since the trip to the countries of East Asia was his first experience of meeting “a completely new and alien culture.”

While overseas, he worked with hip-hop artist KOHH – Yuki Chiba’s real name.

He said, “KOHH like my brother. For me, there are no language and cultural barriers. We can easily compose music, he’s so smart. “

Years later, J $ Tash died on a homicide-suicide suspect.

Lt. Derrick Alfred told The Sun that he and Gallegos have been living together in Temple City for the past few months.

He said the couple had argued about their relationship before J $ tash reportedly took Gallegos to the master bedroom and locked the door.

Gallegos’ children heard shots from the room and called the police.

When officers arrived at the scene, they ran out of the house in the direction of the deputies.


Children not associated with Justash were not harmed and are now in the care of their father.

Investigators waited for the autopsy and forensic results, including ballistic test information, to confirm what was happening inside the house.

The officers found Gallegos on the floor and said she had received several gunshot wounds.

Since then, family members and friends have paid tribute to mom and California State University graduate Gallegos.

Gallegos’s sister Erica Chavez said: “A tragic and unexpected loss for my family and nephews, God has gained another angel.

“My sister was full of life, she was the sweetest and most caring person, she was always there for everyone who needed her.

“Her favorite quote [is] “Live today because tomorrow is not promised.” Rest in paradise, Jeanette, take off, my beautiful angel.

Meanwhile, Home Moore said: “I will miss the time when we lived together. You are the sweetest LA person I have met (sic).

“Always smiling, smart and loving their children. I will miss working with you. “

Galilee Aristizabal wrote: “May your beautiful soul rest in eternal peace. You will always be our cheerful sister Jeanette, fly, beauty.

A GoFundMe The page was created to cover the costs of Gallegos’ funeral.

Police believe J $ Tash committed suicide after shooting Gallegos. Alfred called the situation “very tragic”.

It was not possible to contact Phaeton for comments.

This article originally appeared in Sun USA and has been reproduced with permission.

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