Lottie Moss strips down to a barely visible swimsuit on vacation in Antigua after an evil ex-friend leaked her pictures to OnlyFans

LOTTY Moss seemed to put her rough times behind her when she stripped down to a barely visible bikini while on vacation in Antigua on Saturday.

The model posed for the camera in a pink cut-out bikini a few days after she was horrified to learn that her ex-boyfriend had posted her phone number online.


Lottie has been spotted stripping down to a barely visible swimsuit in Antigua.
OnlyFans star suffers from leaked phone number and ex-boyfriend photo


OnlyFans star suffers from leaked phone number and ex-boyfriend photo

Lottie, 23, was devastated earlier this week when she found her followers were being encouraged to post explicit images of her OnlyFans by a former friend.

The “wicked” ex-girlfriend even posted her phone number online, but despite bursting into tears, the model seems to have ignored the drama.

Over the weekend, the star stripped into a barely visible PrettyLittleThing cut-out swimsuit and threw a nasty show for her followers.

Enjoying Kristen Bell Tattoos in Antigua, Lottie, the younger sister of supermodel Kate Moss, posted a series of selfies while sitting at a beach bar.

Flaunting her curves and ample assets, the powerful woman put her hands on her knees, leaned over to the camera and gazed sultryly into the lens.

Lottie tucked her blonde locks into beachy waves and added a soft makeup palette including pink eyeshadow and nude lips to complete her look.

“Island Girl,” she captioned a series of pictures that made fans thrash more often as they bombarded the comments with compliments to the model.

The star then posted a series of posts showcasing her minimalist makeup as she headed to the beach at Galley Bay Resort & Spa.

It comes days after Lottie burst into tears when she revealed that her phone number was leaked by someone who was once close to her.

The 23-year-old model was horrified to find that her followers were being encouraged to post her explicit images of OnlyFans online, a shocking betrayal.

She received a message from a concerned fan that said, “He’s telling the boys in a group chat to follow your OnlyFans and upload pictures to your mother’s Instagram.”

Another post revealed that she had already received several phone calls from unknown callers while the perpetrator continued to harass her online.

In disgust, Lottie wrote, “What a wicked person.”

Lottie, Kate Moss’s half-sister, became known for her naughty shots after getting into modeling and turning to an adult site.

The beauty previously admitted to making up to £ 70,000 a month by posting X-rated images on the OnlyFans subscription site.

On Jamie Lange’s Private Parts podcast, he asked her about joining the popular site.

She explained, “You can make up to $ 100,000 a month if you do it regularly and have a following.”

She added, “I just take funny pictures that you would send to your boyfriend, it’s okay, it’s harmless, it doesn’t hurt anyone. It is very good.”

Lottie was considered a rising star in the modeling industry after she was spotted at the wedding of her half-sister, Kate, to ex-husband Jamie Hince in 2011, when she was 13 years old.

She was immediately signed to respected international modeling agency Storm, which is known to be negative about her recent career choices.

Lottie recently flew to Antigua for a luxury vacation.


Lottie recently flew to Antigua for a luxury vacation.
Lottie Moss says she makes £ 100,000 a month with OnlyFans, but a buddy made £ 3 million in ONE WEEK

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