Louise Thompson fears she has ‘brain damage’ after hospitalization and nearly died

LOUISE Thompson admitted that she fears brain damage after a recent hospitalization.

The Made in Chelsea star nearly died twice from serious complications while giving birth to her first child, Leo, last year.


Louise Thompson shares new details of her health struggles1 credit

After becoming a mom, Louise suffers from debilitating mental and physical problems that she is desperately trying to overcome.

She was admitted to the hospital last week after receiving “disturbing” blood test results.

While updating fans on her current condition in a lengthy Instagram post, Louise said she no longer feels like herself and is struggling to cope with the effects of her undiagnosed illness.

She wrote: “I feel like I erased all my past and started life as a brand new person. Sometimes a sick person. People tell me how far I’ve come, but I can’t remember how far.

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“I can remember a strange amount of things from my childhood… sensory things will remind me of the strangest memories from the distant past, when I was 5-15 years old, but then I kind of erased everything between that time and the present.

“Now that I mentioned it, sometimes ALL I can feel is sensory stuff, like the feeling I get when I walk from a hot room to a cold room, and that helps me connect with the world around me.”

A 32-year-old girl finds it difficult to communicate when she has daily episodes where her mind seems to be confused.

She said: “Honestly, I struggle to live a ‘normal’ life. Every day I feel really bad physically, and every other day I seem to have an hour period (sometimes longer) when I feel out of sorts. my brain – I don’t know what it is, but it looks like brain damage or a mini-stroke.

“Maybe it’s a weird processing process. It feels like I’m either REALLY low on some particular chemical/hormone, or too high. But in any case, I cannot think normally or speak normally during these episodes.

“It seems like I have a severe allergic reaction to something in my brain. I go from being very depressed and agitated to feeling a rush of something and then I have severe pelvic cramps, but then my brain flattens out. a bit like the chemicals were recovered. I was told it was not the result of my mental health treatment?!? Can anyone help with the physical side of things?”

Louise said she tried to eliminate certain foods from her diet, but the only thing that seemed to ease her symptoms was when she didn’t eat at all.

Describing her body as “out of balance,” Louise said she had severe pain in her neck and head, as well as strange sensations on the right side of her face.

“I know I want to go back to normal, Louise, so why won’t my body and brain just let me,” she asked. “As someone who is still trying to dislodge the ‘control freak’ label, I have found it very difficult to cope because I am constantly looking for answers and have not gotten very far. I don’t think anyone I’m talking to can understand that.

“Just when I think I might be turning a corner, I find myself feeling really sick. This again puts me in a bad position. a normal person again?

The mother of one of them is a big fitness enthusiast, but she can’t train like she used to.

“It gets very boring not to be able to do what you love, even with a little help from Leo. I’m a little afraid of my life, but sometimes it can be dealt with.

“Sometimes I even have a really good time, but then when I’m in a bad place, I can’t figure out how I can even have a good time. I just need to repeat, this too shall pass. Unfortunately, I can’t just pull myself out of funk with happy thoughts or “feel good” practices.

“Sometimes I think, fuck, people must think this is all a joke, because they will never EVER understand what it is like to go through what I went through, or sit in my head for even a minute. .”

She vowed to keep fighting to get better, but admitted she was angry at what she was going through.

“So, to answer where I am now … I am at a crossroads, I am in an uncomfortable place,” she concluded. “I don’t know where I want to go. But in the end, something good should come out of it. I don’t know what I want to do with this experience…

“My family thinks I should work because I used to enjoy it. Although I don’t like being pushed. Hey, damn it, it doesn’t get any worse. will enjoy it. How are you?”

Her fiancé Ryan Libby shared details about Louise’s latest hospital stay.

It came just hours after she posted a sad photo of herself on Instagram, writing, “I just wish someone would fix me.”

She added, “My poor body and brain are all over the place.”

Ryan wrote tonight from the hospital explaining that she had received “disturbing” test results and said he was “devastated”.

He posted a photo of himself wearing a cap and mask waiting in the hallway, along with a heartbreaking message.

Ryan wrote: “I thought I was getting close to a period of time where I could focus some energy on my own therapy and healing, Louise unfortunately still struggles with different things every single day and some of these symptoms are getting worse.

“Now we are back at the hospital (private this time since the NHS has let us down so much) because Louise has received alarming blood test results.

“At the moment I don’t know how serious this is, but I feel devastated sitting in the hospital waiting room seven months after Louise was born.

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“I’m holding on to a string, trying to work, keep the business going, make money to support Louise and Leo, try to keep up with my ambitions (and fail).

“It’s not my type to share such stories, but at the moment I feel so shitty. Maybe this unloading will help.

Louise went through a traumatic birth with her son Leo.


Louise went through a traumatic birth with her son Leo.1 credit

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