Love Is Blind’s Daniel Rule shadows Nick Thompson after split

Not holding back. Daniel Rulea cryptic comment about a non-supportive partner makes people wonder if this was a mockery of Nick Thompson.

“Also, don’t let anyone, especially a partner, make you feel inadequate because of your strengths and worse because of your struggles. The fact that ‘someone’ interacts and amplifies conversations that speak negatively about my mental health and pretend to be protective or caring ‘in public’ is incredibly frustrating,” the 29-year-old reality star wrote on Instagram Story on Monday. September 19th. “You feel comfortable talking about topics and events that were never discussed with friends or family, only to be used against you on a daily basis. And now publicly for selfish purposes.

Eagle-eyed fans were quick to point out that Rule’s message came after Thompson, 37, showed his support for Suicide Prevention Day. “While I always fight for one day or a month to solve problems that we face every day, this is a good opportunity to shed some additional light on the topic,” he explained in his September 10 Instagram post. “Take a month out of today and somehow ask how they’re doing, reach out to family and friends, and most importantly, test yourself.”

Love is blind The alum continued, “If you need help, call someone or dial 988. You are not alone. We are in this together. Take this message with you every day. Mental health is healthcare. We need health care for all as a human right.”

At the end of last month Us weekly confirmed that Rule had filed for divorce from Thompson. The couple first found love in season 2 Love is blind. Rule and Thompson, who first became engaged on the show, later walked down the aisle while the cameras rolled.

After their on-screen wedding, the CMO reflected on how her anxiety influenced her behavior on the popular Netflix dating series.

“I understand that I have work to do, and I was in excellent mental condition before going to the show. However, the stressful environment has taken me back to where I never expected,” she wrote on Instagram in February. “I hope that in the future everyone will recognize the real me – as a person, and not a reality show character.”

Rule noted at the time that she wanted to offer context for how mental health played a role in her complicated romance with Thompson. “I am not looking for sympathy or saying that I have made no mistakes throughout my experience,” she added. “I seek understanding for every person who may have demons they face behind closed doors, for anyone who feels distorted, or for anyone who is provoked by those who attack others for having feelings. that others may not understand.”

Before filing for divorce, the Illinois native spoke about the major milestones she would like to achieve in her next marriage.

“For our two or three year anniversary, we really want to redo the reception to make sure all of our families can be there. Like, I always dreamed about the wedding of my dreams, and about preparing for the wedding, and about the bachelorette party. And so we’re redoing it all. It’s like when we have time,” she said. Us in July. “We didn’t question the marriage decision, but I remember us actually in the pods making a list of things we wanted to do after the show was over. And one of the first things I was going to this restaurant, and we are sitting there and looking around [and] we’re like waiting for someone to tell us what to do. It was funny, for example, even at our wedding we thought: “Should we cut the cake?” How do you feel that you need permission to do [things]”.

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