Love Island fans are begging the producers to intervene as they accuse the members of bullying Ekin Soo.

Fans of the Island of LOVE once again turned to the producers of the show. intervene to help Ekin-Su Julciuloglu due to allegations of bullying.

Viewers accused some of the boys of “shaming” the Turkish actress amid her ongoing rows with Jay Younger and Davide Sanclimente.


Love Island fans want show bosses to step in amid allegations of ‘bullying’1 credit

Ekin-Su was also embroiled in a wider drama on Monday when the islanders clashed in words after the girls accused her of “playing games” at the villa.

“This whole episode was dedicated to Ekin Su, it was gross,” wrote one fan on Reddit.

Another added: “They hide behind this mask that they don’t like her breakup with Davide and they use it as a shield to shame her, people say it’s karma etc.”

And on Twitter, one fan tweeted, “Something needs to be done about how they literally bully Ekin Soo in the villa.”

Tensions have been rising between now-exiled Amber Beckford and 27-year-old Ekin-Su, and it all boiled over earlier this week.

Things turned sour when Jay told an influencer that he thought 24-year-old Amber, Gemma Owen, and Paige Thorne didn’t like her.

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The girls sat down to try to work out their differences, but Amber revealed that she had “doubts” about Ekin-Su’s intentions.

“I don’t have any problems with you,” Amber said. “The way you’ve been acting the last couple of days has made me doubt you.”

So you won’t cancel Jacques for being a predator, not for constantly targeting a woman who doesn’t even bother him, and not for bullying Remy…….WHAT TF DO YOU NEED?!

“You’re trying to create shit right now and it’s fucking pissing me off,” Ekin-Su replied, while Amber replied, “I’m sincere.”

“You’re playing a game,” Amber continued as Ekin-Su defended herself, instead pointing her finger at her co-star.

Amber sarcastically continued, “I definitely play the game, don’t I? Honey, if you can’t talk nicely, I don’t attack you.”

Fans took to Twitter to complain about the scene, calling Amber and a group of girls “hooligans” as they teamed up against Ekin-Su.

Later in the week, fans became concerned again as they speculated that Luca Bish and Jacques O’Neill were also “bullying” Ekin-Su.

This happened after she and Davide got into a fight after Ekin-Su sneaked out and kissed the newcomer Jaitwise.

Amid all the drama, viewers noted that Jacques and Luca “talked about her behind her back” and laughed.

Now many viewers were threatening to turn to Ofcom because of the scenes, begging the producers to intervene.

Things aren’t going well for Ekin-Su as Jay seems to have been losing to her this week.

Viewers of the show were convinced that 28-year-old Jay went cold when he realized that the Turkish actress was not popular with the public.

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Trouble had been brewing for some time now, as Jay plotted to dump the actress and hook up with Paige Thorne.

All this was revealed – when Ekin-Su and Jay sat down for a fiery conversation by the fire – the actress admitted that she knew the truth.

They claim that Ekin-Su is being bullied after he broke up with Davide.


They claim that Ekin-Su is being bullied after he broke up with Davide.1 credit
And her subsequent fight with Jay after he showed interest in Paige.


And her subsequent fight with Jay after he showed interest in Paige.1 credit
Many say that Jacques is one of the main perpetrators of bullying Ekin-Su.


Many say that Jacques is one of the main perpetrators of bullying Ekin-Su.1 credit

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