Love Island fans beg producers to intervene as they criticize Luca and Jacques for HARASSING Ekin-Su

LOVE Island fans begged the show’s producers to offer support to Ekin-Su after they claimed she was being bullied.

The viewers made a request to show the bosses after they said that both Jacques and Luca taunted her during an argument with Davide.


Love Island’s Ekin-Soo breaks down in tears after fight with Davide as fans call on producers to help her1 credit

The couple fell out last week after Ekin-Su sneaked out and kissed newcomer Jay Walters twice on a rooftop.

Upon learning of her antics, Davide became furious and accused Turkish actress Ekin-Su of being a “liar” before declaring that he “doesn’t care” about her anymore.

A tearful Ekin-Su said she was not “acting” after the islanders’ claims that she was acting out while at the villa.

Receiving the hint, Ekin turned her full attention to Jay and reconnected with him.

But against the background of all the drama, the audience noted that the behavior of Jacques and Luka towards Ekin-Su changed after the quarrel.

She accused Luka of “talking about me behind my back”, while Jacques was seen laughing relentlessly at her during the fight.

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“I hope Ekin Su gets support from therapists because none of the other islanders give her any help,” one fan commented on Reddit.

Another added: “It was very much like watching someone get kicked when they are already down. Luca and Jacques always seem to be the first to comment on those who feel bad.”

A third wrote: “Just call it what it is, it’s a mockery.”

And the fourth put it more directly: “Luca deffo shows hooligan vibes, he behaves terribly with Danica too.”

Things don’t go well for Ekin-Su as Jay seems to be losing interest.

Viewers of the show are convinced that 28-year-old Jay lost interest when he realized that the Turkish actress was not popular with the public.

Ekin-Su, 27, was one of the three girls who received the least votes from fans when deciding who to stay at the villa.

That meant she faced being cast alongside Amber Beckford and Tasha Guri on the Tuesday night show.

But although Ekin-Su stayed at the villa and Amber got the chop, Jay suddenly changed his feelings for her.

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Scottish Meat Pie Jay first began hinting that he was leaving Ekin the morning after she survived the scuffle.

He also faced being kicked out of the villa, but ended up staying by Andrew Le Page’s side when Ikenna Ekwonna was sent to pack.

During a conversation with Ekin, Tasha Guri and Andrew Jay, he said: “Would I leave if Ekin was eliminated? In the same way, would Ekin leave if they voted for me?

“Hard to say. If it was me, I would encourage Ekin to stay because I would like to check if she is sincere with me.”

He then asked if she would feel the same way, but Ekin replied, “Personally, I felt that if you are going to leave, then I want to leave. But that’s just me. This should prove that I like you.”

Jay was then later seen asking Gemma Owen, “If I wasn’t paired with Ekin, do you think any of the girls here would be open to dating me? What do you think?”

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Gemma told him about Paige Thorne, to which he replied, “The only reason I’m asking is because while Ekin is great, I get the feeling that she and Davide [Sanclimenti] There are unfinished business.”

Jay then admitted to Beach Hut that he thinks his initial feelings for Ekin-Soo were just “lust”.

Fans accused Luka of bullying Ekin, and she said that he


Fans accused Luka of bullying Ekin, and she said that he “talked behind my back”.1 credit
Jacques was seen laughing at Ekin during her fight with Davide.


Jacques was seen laughing at Ekin during her fight with Davide.1 credit
Ekin is dating Jay, but he may have cooled off towards her.


Ekin is dating Jay, but he may have cooled off towards her.Credit: Unknown, clearly with photo table.

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