‘Lucifer’ Dominates But ‘Squid Game’ Fails To Crack Nielsen U.S. Streaming Chart In First Week – Deadline

Squid game. Netflix has crowned it the biggest reality show ever, but it started slowly in the United States. Nelson..

In the measurement firm. Series Rating for the week of September 13-19, South Korea’s blockbuster failed to break the top 10 original shows. It added 206 million minutes of viewing.

Nelson’s numbers only capture viewing on TV screens and in the United States for Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney + and Hulu, the data comes about a month after the fact. Squid game. now on Has broken down as a global trend.According to Netflix, 111 million households sampled it in their first month, although it is now clear how much the United States had to reduce with its initial traction.

LuciferIn its first full week after the hit of the new Netflix season, it dominated the week, accumulating nearly 1.6 billion viewing minutes. The former Fox drama, which is back on Netflix, came within a whisper of No. 1 last week, but its premiere was just a few days away. Click Beat.. This week, the latter did not collect even half. LuciferOf total.

Netflix once again captured all 10 places in the top 10 overall.

In addition to the streaming rankings, Nelson also released the September edition of The Gage, a monthly snapshot of the overall view. Broadcast from 24 to 26 in August, largely thanks to the start of the NFL football and prime time entertainment season. Streaming share is stable at 28%. The streaming share has only been ahead of Broadcast TV since Nelson began reporting monthly numbers last May, but since then the 26% share has been the highest.

Here is the full weekly top 10:

Lucifer – 93 episodes, 1.6B minutes of viewing.

Click Beat. 8 EPS, 732 m min

Manifesto 42 EPS, 712 m

CoComelon 12 EPS, 703M minutes

Criminal minds – 316 EPS, 687M minutes

Sex education 24 EPS, 595 m

NCIS 353 EPS, 567 m

Gree’s anatomy. 376 EPS, 564 m

Heartland – 215 EPS, 456 minutes

Circle. – 33 EPS, 444 minutes

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