Lucifer fans agree this is the show’s worst season

In a Reddit poll conducted at the end of 2020 u/Minute_Ad_269 Fans voted for their least favorite season of Lucifer, and the results were pretty overwhelming. With 303 votes, season 3 of the show was the clear winner when it came to the most hated season. In fact, the next closest was season 4, with only 45 votes. Basically, for many fans, there is almost no competition when it comes to the weakest side of Lucifer, at least for this particular poll.

u / Starship Ranger offered several explanations for why season 3 remains their least favorite part of the show. Few things annoyed me more than Chloe and Pierce’s storyline. It was so forced and unnatural for one particular character involved,” they said. This is, of course, a reference to the novel’s storyline between main character Chloe Decker (Lauren German) and Marcus Pierce (Tom Welling), who ends up being Cain. u/brightlocks there were also some issues with Pierce, especially with all of Sinnerman’s exposure, but they also thought it was the show’s funniest season.

During an interview with television line, Herman talked about the Pierce and Decker storyline and believed it was a way to create some internal conflict for Pierce, especially regarding his goal of dying. “It’s his agenda, but it’s all about how he gets there,” she said. “And his so-called love for Chloe will make him do something heroic or something really evil.” So it’s clear that all the members had good intentions for this couple, but it didn’t quite work out for the fans.

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