Lucifer fans make it clear who their least favorite character is

Every hero needs a villain to fight. Yin to their yang. For Lucifer Morningstar, that threat was his twin brother Michael (Tom Ellis). Michael was a conniving, conniving, power-hungry villain who occasionally dabbled in identity fraud and usually made his brother’s life hell. In fact, some fans Reddit believe that Michael was the worst character ever graced “Lucifer”.

“It’s a testament to Tom Ellis’ skill as an actor that you can adore Lucifer and absolutely hate Michael. Such a slippery insecure bastard, you/group wrote.

Comrade Redditor y / Grantorno agreed with this sentiment, stating that the writers should have “killed him” because everyone hated the character. In the end, Michael was destined for a fate worse than death, but it gave him a chance to eventually redeem himself.

However, some viewers such as you / Duckman896, sympathized with Michael and believed that his eventual punishment was too harsh. “What a bastard Michael was. Just leaving him to mop the floors of hell seemed cruel and unresolved. There must be something else they could have made him do.”

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