Made in Chelsea legend Binky Felstead is horrified that his beloved dog has been run over and left for dead

MADE IN Chelsea’s Binky Felstead was heartbroken when her dog Pedro was hit by a “mean” van driver who “left him for dead”.

The 32-year-old woman had to warn her fans that she saw the “lifeless body” of a dog and showed his horrific head injuries, which frightened her five-year-old daughter India.


Made In Chelsea legend Binky Felstead told fans her dog nearly died1 credit

Posting to Instagram, Binky shared a series of photos of two-year-old Pedro wearing a protective cone around his neck and several stitches on his head.

One photo shows Pedro hugging Binky, while another video shows him carefully recovering from his injuries.

*STARTS*, Binky began the post.

“A rather horrendous few hours where our Pedro was hit by a van… (who left yesterday and left him for dead without stopping to see if he was okay…)”

She added: “Yesterday we thought we had lost Pedro as he was chasing another dog across the road and was hit by a speeding van.

“Max called me and said that he probably would not survive, and I had to urgently come to the vets and say goodbye.

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“I don’t think I saw anything like what I saw, and of course we were smashed to pieces.”

Binky went on to tell fans “how grateful” her family is to the veterinarians who saved Pedro’s life before lashing out at the unknown van driver.

“For the driver of the van who hit Pedro, you are disgusting, immoral, and I’m sick of the fact that you got away with it,” she was indignant.

“Well, that’s of course, until karma takes you…. Maybe you drove off and left the animal to die because you were speeding? You should be ashamed!”

Binky finished saying that she was grateful to Pedro that he “surprisingly” survived and was at home “getting a lot of hugs”.

Her five-year-old daughter India was frightened when she saw the stitches on the dog and was afraid to approach him, but Binky said “it will pass”.

“He definitely heard us when we said goodbye to his lifeless body, and I sincerely believe that this helped him come to his senses,” Binky concluded.

“🙏🏼 SO HAPPY YOU ARE HOME MY BOY – you can sleep in our bed whenever you want!!!! 🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡.”

Binky secretly married her fiancé Max Darnton last year.

The mom-of-two got engaged after dating Max for just 19 months, and the couple welcomed their first child in June.

In September 2018, she split from her ex Josh “JP” Patterson, who is raising their daughter India.

In June, India had a younger brother, Wulfrik Alexander Fredrik Darnton.

Explaining the meaning of the name, Binkie wrote, “A new member of our very happy family 😍

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“He’ll be known as Wolfie (unless he’s naughty, then it’s definitely Wulfrik again!” 😂)

“We love the name as it ties into his Scandinavian heritage and also has other meaningful connections that are very close to us.”

Husband Max Darnton with Pedro


Husband Max Darnton with Pedro1 credit
Binky Shows Fans Pedro's Horrible Injury


Binky Shows Fans Pedro’s Horrible Injury1 credit
Binky called van driver 'disgusting'


Binky called van driver ‘disgusting’1 credit
Binky is the mother of India, five years old, and Wolfie, one year old.


Binky is the mother of India, five years old, and Wolfie, one year old.1 credit

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