MAFS star Olivia Fraser criticized Kyle and Jackie O for OnlyFans

A visibly upset MAFS star, Olivia Frazier, lambasted Kyle and Jackie O after they aired her explicit OnlyFans content yesterday.

Married At First Sight contestant Olivia Frazier lashed out at radio hosts Kyle and Jackie O after they mocked her move to OnlyFans live.

The owners of KIIS had a friend MAFS stars Ella Ding and Domenica Calaraco on their show on Thursday, and during the segment, they showed footage from Olivia’s OnlyFans content with MAFS partner of Jackson Loney.

Referring to Olivia “Jerking off” her MAFS co-star Kyle revealed that he did not pay to see the couple’s explicit subscriber-only content.

“I’m not crying. They are sending him,” he told his guests.

Calaraco stated that she needed to “whiten her eyes” after watching the content.

Hours later, a visibly upset Frazier blasted Kyle and Jackie O in a series of furious expletives. stories from instagram.

She told her followers that she was wondering, “I wonder why Kyle and Jackie O thought it would be a good idea to distribute a private video of me and Jackson that should be protected by paywalls and shame us for it and make fun of us for it? ”

“Don’t you think that’s a little hypocritical?” Like, isn’t that why everyone hates me? Because I supposedly did it? I didn’t do it, but people think I did it. Isn’t that pure hypocrisy?”

Frazier appeared to burst into tears as she slapped Kyle and Jackie O, saying the hosts should be “ashamed”.

“I’ve tried really hard, especially lately, just to get higher, to walk the high road, to live in peace and kindness, and I try not to talk about negative things, but about holy crap,” she said.

“For Kyle and Jackie O to pull out of the paywall what Jackson and I do and make fun of it and embarrass us for it when I was really massive… I screamed from the rooftops, ‘I’m not okay! ‘

“I barely survived MAFS and I don’t have to be ashamed and perpetuate the hate and sting towards me, especially because of possibly one of the biggest shows in Australia! What’s wrong with people? Like, what the hell?

She ended her video with a request to leave her alone: ​​”I’ve had enough… please just give me a break.”

Frazier’s latest public controversy comes after several rough weeks for her and Jackson, who announced earlier this month that they had decided to stay together despite Jackson being photographed kissing another woman.

In an emotional video message with Olivia by his side, Jackson blamed his infidelity on him “drunk himself unconscious” to deal with the backlash he received after appearing on the reality show, thanking Olivia for supporting him.

The next day, Olivia broke some more news, publicly stating for the first time that she identified as pansexual.

And this week, the couple had to face a fierce backlash for joining OnlyFans – from other adult creators on the platform and some of their fellow MAFS members.

Former teaching assistant Frazier lost her job after appearing on the show, telling fans last month she was considering switching to OnlyFans as a source of income.

She kicked off her career last week, racking up dozens of paying followers and earning $10,000 in her first 12 hours.

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