MAFS star threatens to quit over big controversy as he accuses partner of ‘gaslighting’

MARRIED At First Sight fans were left with their mouths open after an epic showdown that saw one star threaten to leave.

Viewers watched in shock as 37-year-old Adrian and 31-year-old Thomas got into a fight on the latest edition of the E4 reality show.


Adrian lost with husband Thomas in an epic showdown1 credit
He called Thomas


He called Thomas “a gas lighter”.

The fight escalated to the point where Adrian tore off his microphone and stormed out, telling his husband Thomas to “fuck off.”

Adrian was furious at him: “Honestly, you are such a gas lighter! You are so manipulative – you are like a child! Make faces, you are like a child!”

The digital designer added, “That’s it, I feel like I’ve finally been pushed over the edge.

“I can’t do it anymore, I can’t fix it anymore, I can’t do it any better. Now everything is gone – everything is back to the first stage! And it’s because of your behavior!”

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In response, Thomas told Adrian that he “couldn’t fix the fence”, which led his husband to state, “I’m done, I’m done, sorry, I’m stopping.”

Ripping off his microphone and leaving the room, he added, “I’m taking this microphone off. Now get off.”

A quarrel between Thomas, who works as a mental health assistant, and Adrian began when they moved in together.

They had already gotten into a fight the night before at the initiation ceremony over conflicting views of newlyweds Whitney and Dooku.

Sitting in their new pillow, Thomas told his husband that he didn’t want to look at their wedding photo sitting on the side.

“If I don’t get an apology, I’m done for,” he said.

Adrien asked, “Let me know what the apology is for?”

Thomas told him what it was for “shouting in his face” at the initiation ceremony.

Looking confused, Adrien said, “Really? Are you going to tell me off for raising my voice? You? You yelled at me and cursed me around the pool.”

Adrian’s temper continued to flare as he continued, “What was your business interfering with that woman?”

Thomas said it was “within earshot” before asking, “Why did you attack me then?”

Both blushed as the pair paddled furiously before Adrian left the room.

Slamming the door, Thomas knocked down their wedding photo, which was lying on the kitchen table.

Fans were stunned by the scandal, with one tweeting: “Watching Thomas and Adrian arguing is too much on Monday!”

Another said: “Adrian and Thomas are a couple trapped in hell because it was terrible!”

A third even wrote: “Thomas and Adrian are toxic!!! By no means should they continue to be married if they are only doing it because they want fame!”

Incredibly, later in the episode, Thomas and Adrian managed to clear the air and even hugged on the couch.

“It’s really building trust for me,” Adrian told his husband.

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Thomas also admitted, “I know I screwed up and I can be big as hell. I need to watch my face and watch my mouth.”

“Married at First Sight” airs at 9:00 pm Monday through Thursday on E4.

Adrian and Thomas later cleared things up


Adrian and Thomas later cleared things up1 credit
The couple even hugged, apologizing for the quarrel.


The couple even hugged, apologizing for the quarrel.1 credit

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