Maisie Williams Made Her Own Met Gala 2021 Dress

Macy Williams. Matters took over when it came to him. Matt Gala 2021 Look, it reveals that she has prepared her clothes for the biggest night of the fashion calendar. Fortunately, it turns out that acting is not her greatest talent because she looked incredible.

Of Game of Thrones The star was giving us the Gothic goddess in emo ore durable black leopard dress with mesh sleeves, black crystals and long train, while her black hair and make-up matched the vibe perfectly. The whole shape was very human but make it fashionable, although Macy said it was impressive. Matrix.

Addressing O! News Ahead of the event, the 24-year-old actor explained that his outfit was designed by himself and his boyfriend, Robin Selby, while expressing his excitement at attending the event this year. “I was raised with American icons … these women are in the film,” she said.

Meanwhile, Selby, co-founder of a modeling agency, took to Instagram to reveal the shape of his girlfriend and said: “Macy and I visited The Metropolitan Museum of Art for the first time in August 2019 and from this collection Impressed. Exhibition “Camp: Notes on Fashion.” Little did we know that we would see one of our creations on the red carpet two years later. “

Macy, who has been blonde since April – a look we’re in love with – changed her for the night with a black medusa-esque updo while her eyebrows were bleached, a trend that only a few Can only extract one.

As for the rest of her glam, she brushed the black eye shadow and liner for extra play, as well as a dark lip and black and green nails to complete the look.

It is safe to say that she understood the assignment!

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