Maisie Williams shows off her new look after she shaved off all her hair

Maisie Williams shocked fans after her recent Instagram post showed off her new shaved look.

The star made a splash when she unveiled a bold new look on social media this week.

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We didn’t even recognize her at first!

Maisie Williams is known for her role in the popular television series. Game of Thrones

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Which surprisingly ended over 2 years ago, back in 2019.

Game of Thrones was nothing more than a cultural phenomenon.

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What was originally seen as a niche fantasy TV show quickly took over the world and everyone had their own opinion about the series.

The show was set in the fictional country of Westeros.

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Although there were parallels between Game of Thrones In a world reminiscent of medieval history, there were fantasy elements like, say, dragons.

The show was based on battles between contenders for the Iron Throne.

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There were many who claimed they had a blood right to rule the seven kingdoms, but as the show came to an end, we learned that the North was the true ruler.

One of the reasons for the success of the show was its great characters.

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And one of the fan favorites was Arya Stark. The youngest of the Stark daughters, Arya had a proud northern heritage and a serious penchant for (justified) violence.

As we know, Arya was (perfectly) played by Maisie Williams.

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The actress from Bristol in England landed the role at age twelve. She is now twenty-five.

Arya was a truly excellent character.

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She was a young woman who managed to survive, against all odds, in one of the most dangerous climates imaginable.

Williams also found himself in the spotlight after the series became popular.

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She has a very fun online presence and her close friendship with fellow actress Sophie Turner is just goals.

But where did Arya’s story begin?

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She was a young lady living in the house of Winterfell.

Though it was clear that Arya had always yearned for something more.

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She was especially eager to learn how to fight with swords, despite the fact that this was far from expected from a noblewoman undergoing training.

Throughout the series, Arya had a hard time.

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She spent most of her Game of Thrones journey, living a wandering, wandering life, with danger lurking at every turn.

But somehow she managed to survive.

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And in Season 8, it seemed like Arya was potentially stronger than ever before.

But now that the series is over, killing the Night King and seeking revenge are in Williams’ past…

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What she thinks about the most is what she’s going to do now that the series that launched her career has ended.

It seems that the last few years, Williams had doubts about her acting career …

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In particular, the roles she will be allowed to play now that THERE IS over.

Speaking to Irish Timesshe said:

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“It’s only now that I’m starting to understand the characters that are available to me, because of the way I look, and the characters that are not available to me.”

“I don’t look like someone who plays roles that are, well, sexualized,” she said.

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She went on to add that she is “totally in awe” of Hollywood’s “stunningly beautiful” actresses.

And now Williams has shaken things up by making a statement on Instagram.

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The actress shared a photo with a short haircut, captioning the photo: “Washing hair with face wash>”.

And it’s safe to say that she is amazing with her appearance!

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Many took to the comments section of her post to share their thoughts on her new hairstyle.

Iris Lowe, who has a similar appearance, wrote, “MAISIEEEEE,” to which the actress replied, “You have a plan.”

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Another fan commented, “You have a beautiful figure!”

“Oh she’s cute,” wrote a third, while the others cheered: I wasn’t ready” and “Wow, the buzz haircut looks amazing on you.”

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You can see the message here.

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