Maitland Ward addresses ‘problematic’ storylines in ‘Boy Meets World’

Walk down memory lane. Maitland Wardtime for Boy meets the world with its ups and downs, which the actress reflects on two decades later.

“It opened my eyes how many sexual hints there were [placed] to my character. As well as [male characters] like Corey [Ben Savage] and Sean [Rider Strong]they were complete assholes to me [on screen]”, – said the 45-year-old Ward exclusively. Us weekly promoting my memoirs, Rated X: How Porn Freed Me From Hollywood.

The model recalled that she was not impressed by the storylines in which her character Rachel was involved. “They stole my parking space that I worked for. Then they blame me and [have] this whole prank war that’s breaking out. Then they sort out my underwear [and] they read my diary,” she added. “They’re just like, ‘Oh, we’re cute.’ And the girls even protect them. It was just very weird.”

Maitland Ward. Katie Hutchins/Shutterstock

Ward, who appeared on the sitcom from 1998 to 2000, noted that her not being “part of the joke” affected how the material resonated with her. “If I did it now, I would be fine with it. If only I knew what was going on. [But] I was just told to do it all,” she explained. “The first year was more fun, because even sexy [story lines] what i did with the guys in the apartment [were about how] they went out of their way to impress me.”

The internet personality continued, “But last year was weird. … I began to annoy myself too much. I did not like [what Rachel became]. My character really had nothing to do but be bitchy or snarky or sexy.”

Looking back at my time Boy meets the world was needed by Ward when she was doing research for her book. “It’s so problematic [what happened on the show]. But at the time, I thought it was just my job. I was very uncomfortable in my body.” Bold and beautiful alum detailed. “Actually, I was more worried when I tried on underwear. … But I was nervous when trying on lingerie that I wasn’t sexy enough, or I wasn’t good enough, or my body wasn’t good enough, or I just wasn’t good enough.”

The decision to leave Hollywood allowed Ward to get away from the problems that would later inspire white chicks a star to tell your side of the story with X rating.

“I know that I have a story that no one else has. This is a truly unique story about being a young Disney star, coming out of such a famous show and working in Hollywood. Then decades later – indeed at 40 [years old] — making him a major porn star. [I had] winning numerous, numerous awards, making more money than ever and having more respectability and success,” she shared with Us. “I really wanted to tell my story, and I really think it will empower everyone – especially women who haven’t been told that much in their lives.”

The California native called the writing experience “very cathartic,” adding, “But it’s like looking back at yourself. [and] Who were you then? Especially decades ago.

With a report by Christina Garibaldi

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