Major update announced in Bob Saget’s death investigation after police brutality revealed

Two police officers were suspended after sharing the news of Bob Saget’s death before his family was notified.

The comedian was found dead on January 9 in room 962 of the Orlando Ritz-Carlton after suffering a “blunt head injury” hours after a stand-up performance.


Bob Saget was found dead on January 9 in Room 962 of the Orlando Ritz-Carlton Hotel.Credit: Instagram/Bob Saget
Authorities released photos of the hotel room in Orlando, Florida, where Saget died in January.


Authorities released photos of the hotel room in Orlando, Florida, where Saget died in January.Photo: Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

It has now emerged that Florida MPs Emiliano Silva and Stephen Reed told friends and family of his death before those close to the comedian knew.

They were both suspended for another three days, the Orange County Sheriff’s Office confirmed.

It is said that Silva, who arrived at the scene, told his brother about the death. His brother then tweeted, “RIP Bob Saget.”

The tweet was later deleted, but not before it was seen by news outlets who began making media inquiries.

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Reed, who was off duty, reportedly told his neighbors about the death after they attended his show.

He reportedly wrote, “Better save your tickets. It may have been his last performance.”

This was announced by Orange County Sheriff John Mina. Hill: “This case highlights the importance of giving death investigators time to ensure that notifications to next of kin are made before the information is released to the public.

“The deputies admitted their guilt and were punished for their actions.”

The police entered the star’s room after he failed to check out at the scheduled time, and the hotel received a call from his concerned family, who were unable to contact him.

Saget was found unconscious, lying on his back in bed and cold to the touch.

Orlando police later released photos from the hotel room.

The photos show that he may have used the bathroom before going to bed as there was a towel in the bathroom and toiletries in the shower and on the counter.

Investigators said they found no sign of foul play and concluded that Saget likely fell on his back and hit his head somewhere in the room before dying in bed.

Toxicological analysis also did not reveal any illegal drugs or toxins in his system at the time of his death.

Police noted that Saget’s room was “in order” and his personal belongings were neatly arranged on the nightstand, TV stand, closet and bathroom.

The police wrote that there were no traces of blood or bodily fluids on the sheets, pillows, or other places in the room.

Saget’s head or body also reportedly showed no signs of injury other than a slight swelling and a small bruise at the corner of his left eye.

In the autopsy report, Joshua Stephanie, chief medical examiner for the Ninth Circuit Medical Examiner’s Office, said that the nature of Saget’s injuries, combined with the fact that the skin on the back of his head remained intact, led him to believe that he was fatally injured. were most likely caused by “something hard covered with something soft”.

Kevin Stone promoted what turned out to be Saget’s last stand-up performance.

He told Kristen Bell Tattoos that his favorite comedian was “that old Bob” when he saw him on the night of January 8, just hours before his death.

Stone, who previously promoted two other Saget events in 2016 and 2020, said there was “no indication” that anything was wrong with the Full House alum, calling him talkative and engaging.

Stone said that hours before Saget’s last show, he spent time in the dressing room of Ponte Vedra Concert Hall in Jacksonville telling him about how much he loves his “friends, wife and family.”

Saget was best known for his portrayal of single father Danny Tanner on the sitcom Full House and as the wisecracking host of America’s Funniest Home Videos.

He was on the road as part of his I Don’t Do Negative Comedy Tour and said shortly before his death that he enjoyed the warm welcome from the public in Orlando and the Ponte Vedra beach resort area.

Pictured above is a bedside table in Saget's hotel room, found by the police.


Pictured above is a bedside table in Saget’s hotel room, found by the police.Photo: Orange County Sheriff’s Office.
Saget was found unconscious, lying on his back in bed and cold to the touch.


Saget was found unconscious, lying on his back in bed and cold to the touch.Credit: Instagram/Bob Saget

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