Makeup artist shares images of BTS ‘Alexa Demi’s iconic look

Euphoria makeup artist Doniella Davy shows off behind-the-scenes looks of Alexa Demi from the season 2 premiere.

Euphoria makeup artist shares images of BTS 'Alexa Demi's iconic look

Euphoria has built a cult following among Gen Z by winning an Emmy for Zendaya and launching a number of trends. Part of an HBO show that became the most popular is unique and shiny makeup

The show’s makeup artist Doniella Davy shares the sparkly rhinestone makeup on her Instagram account. The dramatic eyeshadow look that Alexa Demi wore has already inspired social media posts and tutorials just hours after the show’s second season premiered.


Doniella Davy shared photos of the actress’s makeup

Davy regularly posts behind-the-scenes pictures of her work on the series, as well as inspirations and snippets from her life.

Alexa Demi, who plays Maddie Perez on the TV series, did some dramatic eye makeup at the season 2 premiere. In a scene set during a New Year’s Eve party, she dons a sharp eyeliner, as well as shiny silver eyeshadow and brown lipstick.

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Davy also revealed that the actress has taken the lead in designing the makeup. “She went into the makeup trailer with well-established and well-thought-out ideas for her looks, with her character backstories. @alexandraafrench has partnered with Alexa to bring her ideas to life, choosing colors and textures in a more subdued palette this season than we’re used to seeing with Maddie. ”

Demi, collaborating with MAC Cosmetics, was trending last September. after her age was questioned. Earlier it was reported that the star is 24 years old, but Twitter users found images from her school yearbook. The star has been listed as a 2008 graduate, which should actually make her 29 or 30 years old.

Euphoria Season 2 Premiere With Nudity And Violence

Fans and critics alike were shocked at how lewd the opening of the season was. The action takes place mainly at a New Year’s Eve party and features characters using drugs, drunk driving and gunfights. This revealed Fez’s backstory and how he came to be in the care of his mother.

On the subject: Everything the actors of “Euphoria” have been doing since the premiereUnlike the first season, which debuted back in 2019, makeup artist Davy wanted the makeup in the second season to be “discoverable” rather than hard to miss, adding that “it’s more like you’re kind of looking for it, and you see It. “

Her work on the series has inspired many copycats based on the makeup of actresses Zendaya, Sidney Sweeney, Hunter Schafer and Barbie Ferreira.

“Sometimes it makes the makeup completely invisible. But with Euphoria, it was so liberating because we can really show the makeup and create these are truly unique looks, ”Davy told USA Magazine.

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