Malcolm in the Spotlight featured several guest stars that fans forgot about

Sitcoms are a great place for guest stars at various stages of their careers to showcase their talents to a wider audience, and many shows use fantastic talent. Seinfeld there were many previously famous guest stars, and IED many famous names have featured over the years.

Even Office they wisely used guest stars, whose names had significant value in attracting audiences.

Malcolm in the spotlight it was a brilliant show in itself, and while the hosts of the show were amazing, it also benefited from guest stars.

Some were already famous, while others became the stars that conquered Hollywood. Be that as it may, all these names at one time helped bring the show to a new level.

Let’s take a closer look Malcolm in the spotlight and see some of the show’s biggest guest stars.

10 Cameron Monaghan was a freak

Malcolm in the Spotlight - Cameron Monaghan with Dewey

Before you risk playing Ian Gallagher in unscrupulous and the joker on GothamCameron Monaghan was a child performer receiving some impressive credits. During this time, Monaghan appeared in 6 episodes. Malcolm in the spotlight like Chad who had a fierce streak.


9 Bea Arthur danced to some abba

Malcolm in the Spotlight - Bea Arthur

The legendary Bea Arthur was not there for Malcolm in the spotlight long, but her moment on the show was great. Terrible nanny at first Golden girls the star is friends with young Dewey, and the couple is having a great day together. Well, that’s until she dies after dancing to Abba’s Fernando.

eight Eric Stonestreet helped disinfect the house

Malcolm in the middle - Eric Stonestreet talks to Louis

Eric Stonestreet is undoubtedly best known for his time at Modern family, but years before starring in his own sitcom, he got a small role in Malcolm in the spotlight… Thanks to his services as an exterminator, the family is forced to live in a trailer, leading to Malcolm’s infamous babysitting job.

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7 Betty White was a hidden part of the Lois family.

Malcolm in the Spotlight - Betty White

Betty White has had a long career in Hollywood, and little of her legacy stems from a brief stint in Malcolm in the spotlight… White’s character was part of a secret family which Lois’s father had, and she ended up facing another legend, Cloris Leachman.

6 Jason Alexander was Malcolm’s possible future

Malcolm in the spotlight - Jason Alexander

Seinfeld legend Jason Alexander scored a spot on Malcolm in the spotlight in a role in which he was absolutely fantastic. In this episode, Alexander acts as an unfortunate version of Malcolm, into which the young genius sees himself potentially transforming. It’s getting dark, but overall the episode can be fun.

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5 Dakota Fanning was a bite

Malcolm in the Spotlight - Dakota Fanning and Justin Burfield

Dakota Fanning was very young when she appeared on the show, but she made sure that her screen time was counted. During her episode, Malcolm and his family befriended their new neighbors, but they are not who they first appear. The young character Fanning begins to bite Reese, although living next to him is a real nightmare.

4 Patrick Warburton had a case of mistaken identity

Malcolm in the Spotlight - Patrick Warburton

Admittedly, Patrick Warburton was not a key player during his time on the series, but it was still great to see him on screen. It is a cameo in the double episode “Company Picnic” and Hal is mistaken for Warburton’s character. There’s a lot going on in these two episodes as each member of Malcolm’s family has their own unique battle.

3 Heidi Klum played a toothless hockey player

Malcolm in the Spotlight - Heidi Klum

Supermodel Heidi Klum is as gorgeous as she can get, and the series has made sure to use her good looks throughout the entire two seconds. Klum plays on a rough and tough ice hockey team in Alaska, and although she looks like a model at first, she soon flashing some missing teeththat scares Francis’ team.

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2 Christopher Lloyd was Hal’s father

Malcolm in the Spotlight - Christopher Lloyd

Back to the Future Actor Christopher Lloyd has had so many incredible accolades in his career and has been a brilliant addition to Malcolm in the spotlight… The actor played Hal’s father, and while the duo may seem like a lot of fun at first glance, they don’t have a lot of meaningful conversations, which affects their relationship.

one Emma Stone wanted to humiliate Reese

Malcolm in the Spotlight - Emma Stone

Emma Stone is one of the most famous actresses working today and was able to land a role on the series early in her career. During this episode, she becomes angry with Reese, which inadvertently leads her to an altercation with Lois. It’s a great episode, and Stone showed a lot of talent right from the start.

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