Man approaches ex after she refuses to change her surname, asking him to reconsider when his new wife demands he do so.

Whether you’re a high school sweetheart who’s been together forever, a couple with kids, or someone who’s only been in a relationship for a few months – breakups are never easy.

When there are no responsibilities involved, it can be hard to accept the idea that you now have to build a new life. Yet you know that sooner or later, you will be able to focus on your “grief” and focus on your joy to help you move forward. However, when you have a family and you decide to separate, this is where things can get quite difficult.

Most would agree that maintaining a healthy relationship for the sake of your children is a top priority for those who choose to co-parent. Still, it also means you’ll eventually have to deal with your ex’s new partner, and chances are, most of the time, you’ll wish you didn’t have to.

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Just because you’re trying to maintain a healthy relationship with your ex, doesn’t mean their new partner is willing to do the same.

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AITA for not changing my name? – This online user turned to one of Reddit’s popular communities and wondered if he should change his current surname to his maiden name after his ex-husband’s new wife demanded he do so. Refused or not? The post has received 5.5K upvotes and 797 comments discussing the situation.

The man’s wife demanded his ex change his last name, he refused and wondered if he was rude.

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The author begins her story by explaining that she and her ex-partner divorced 12 years ago. They have two children together and have custody of them. The woman said that they have a very good relationship with their parents and there is no problem between them since the divorce.

Five years ago, his ex met his now-wife, and they got along very well. She is a wonderful stepmother to the children and treats them as if they were her own.

The couple divorced more than a decade ago and are currently co-parents.

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On the other hand, OP has been single by choice, as she spends most of her time working or taking care of her children. Although she added that she occasionally dates, she is never looking for anything serious.

Now, his ex and his new partner got married a few weeks ago and the writer was excited for them, thinking it was wonderful that they finally made it official.

Once the couple made their relationship official, the man’s new wife texted her ex, asking him to go back to his maiden name.

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However, recently he received a questionable text message from his ex-wife. The woman said that since they are married, it might be the right time for the OP to change her surname, since there can only be one Mrs. (guy’s last name).

Naturally, the author responded by saying that she was a little confused by the strange request, yet the new partner stood her ground.

The OP said that she and her ex agreed that it would cost too much nerve to change her last name, so they decided she would keep it.

Later, the woman received a call from her ex-husband, wondering why his wife was upset.

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The author said that he and his ex-spouse had been divorced for more than 12 years, and the reason he had not changed his name was because of all the certificates and licenses. Updating the documents is a big hassle, and the former partners agreed to keep their surnames to avoid all the pressure to do so.

Again, the new wife did not back down and demanded the lady change her name immediately.

The OP decided not to respond to the last text – however, a few minutes later, her ex-husband reached out as to why his wife was upset. The OP sent her screenshots of the text and told her the conversation was extremely immature. The man suggested that maybe he should change his name so he wouldn’t have to deal with the drama. The author again refused, reminding her that he would agree that she would keep him while they processed their divorce.

The boy said she was making his life “difficult” and wished she would reconsider.

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The woman then added that she has zero romantic feelings for him and it’s because they have a good relationship because of their children. He told his ex that she was his priority and needed to be together to raise them well – adding that changing her name wouldn’t change the fact that she was still his ex. Has a wife.

The man said she was “making her life difficult” and wished she would reconsider.

Moreover, at the time the post was uploaded, the courts were only hearing emergency cases.

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After some time, the author decided to update the post. The fact that she and her children share the same last name also plays a big role, she said, adding that she will have to have a formal court hearing with a judge and have to pay the DMV and A signed and sealed warrant must be obtained to convert to Social. security

Since this post was uploaded amidst the pandemic, the OP mentioned that the courts were closed for obvious reasons and were only hearing important cases. Also, the process is bound to be financially burdensome, so it’s understandable why she didn’t want to go through with it.

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Finally, for anyone who was curious, he said the reason for the divorce was infidelity. She was working multiple jobs while putting herself through school, and the man felt “neglected” and decided to cheat.

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