Man asks the Internet what he can do when his neighbor refuses to move his trampoline because it affects his happiness.

Moving from an apartment to a house is a dream that many people have. A house is often more spacious, you can have your own private garage and a garden that you can be creative with or use to grow vegetables. It seems like you have more privacy and you might think it’s a quieter environment.

This is not necessarily the case and it all depends on the neighborhood and especially the people living around you as it can become a painful experience, as it was for online forum mumsnet user Jynxed.

Their neighbors have very noisy children and have a trampoline next to their back door, which makes Jenksed hear the racket even more and is afraid of all the flying objects that come their way. Can damage the patio. However, the children’s parents don’t really care and the home owner can’t do much about it.

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The homeowner is really fed up with the neighbor’s kids practically screaming on their doorstep and their parents refuse to do anything about it.

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The original poster (OP) lives in a house with a huge garden that is 80 feet (24 m) long. Their neighbors have a garden the same size and they could have put their kids’ trampoline anywhere, but they decided to put it right over the fence and right next to the OP’s back door and patio.

The OP can’t move their back door, but they don’t want to move their patio either, especially since they also installed a pergola. At the other end of the garden they have a vegetable garden and a greenhouse, so to move the patio further from the neighbor will have to move them to another location.

The neighbors put a trampoline in their garden, which wouldn’t be a problem if it wasn’t so close to the OP’s back door and patio.

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The neighbor on the other hand doesn’t have much space in his garden and according to Jenxed, although he said there is no other place to put a trampoline, he can clearly see that there is plenty of space.

Although the OP understands that children need to play and can be noisy, they would prefer if the parents moved the trampoline further from their fence because not only do the balls keep flying into their garden and onto the pots and plants. There is a risk of knocking or hitting them. in the head, but it also makes them feel uncomfortable because they can see into their kitchen when the kids are using the trampoline.

The OP asked the neighbors to move it a little so that the balls the kids use while playing don’t hit their dishes and heads when they sit there.

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This situation has affected both OP’s well-being and happiness and they are at a loss because asking the neighbors nicely didn’t help, and they don’t think they can complain to anyone because the trampoline is on the neighbor’s property. Is.

People in the comments were understanding and thinking that the OP’s request to move the trampoline was not that outrageous. They suggested all kinds of things the OP could do as retaliation and in an update, Jynxed said they would document all the damage that was happening to their property and if the parents were to move the trampoline. If they refuse, they will “destroy every ball or frisbee that comes over the fence” while allowing their teenagers to play music at full volume.

What worries the OP is that the kids can see into their kitchen using the trampoline to see over the fence.

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Many people who read the story related to the OP because they went through the same thing and had to put up with screaming kids in the neighbor’s garden or people standing on trampolines peeking into their homes.

As Lombardo Homes During a survey of people, it was found that the most annoying thing neighbors do is noise. It’s even more annoying that they don’t clean up after their pets, runny noses, and parking problems.

The most annoying ways neighbors make noise, according to the same survey, are loud music, loud talking or shouting, pets and loud children.

But the neighbors refused to do so even though they have enough space to put the trampoline in a different place

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Loud noises are not only annoying and frivolous. Experiencing constant noise is a stress and one must adapt the study By Heidi AR Jensen, Birgit Rasmussen and Ola Ekholm, it can “potentially cause adverse health effects in exposed individuals.”

This is because “the most common and immediate response to noise is annoyance, which is an individually experienced phenomenon that can trigger the physiological stress response and result in both physical and mental symptoms. can.”

The study found that people felt more anxious with fatigue, were more likely to develop pain in different parts of their body, had headaches, and that it increased their depression as well as anxiety. was

This situation has caused the OP stress and she is now at a loss as to what can be done at this point.

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It’s impossible to have peace and quiet all the time when you’re living with other people, and we understand that. However, we also expect our neighbors to be more considerate when we tell them that their activities are bothering us.

Do you think the OP was asking too much? Are you worried about being too close to the trampoline and hearing the children scream every day? How would you handle this situation? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

People in the comments had lots of little suggestions because they felt the OP’s pain and irritation.

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