Man furious after neighbor’s girlfriend ‘helps herself’ walk around their entire herb garden after being offered ‘some’

Life is full of… well, full of everything. It’s complete chaos. Trust nothing, no one, and especially your neighbor. All right, be kind, be nice to your neighbor, but don’t be surprised if he does otherwise.

Sometimes it’s a misunderstanding, sometimes it’s contempt, and sometimes you have no idea what happened, let alone why.

This netizen took to the r/EntitledPeople subreddit to share a story about how their kindness led to almost no harvest because the neighbor went crazy over their garden.

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It is always convenient to have a garden near the house. Although it’s never nice when your neighbor collects all this ahead of time.

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So, redditor u/yikesladyy, with whom contacted for an interview, recently went to Reddit – in particular, in the section of the site r/EntitledPeople –share how their garden was effectively mowed (figuratively speaking, of course) by a neighbor on the porch. Or rather, his girlfriend.

“It’s the kind of story that people seem to like and it’s related. Everyone has ever dealt with an ignorant or empowered neighbor. It was annoying, but at the same time funny,” OP explained why they decided to share their story in the first place.

OP has a tiny corner in the yard dedicated to small vegetables and herbs. Very handy if you like to cook a lot. And there’s plenty to do here, so they suggested to two of their neighbors that they reach over the fence for what they need.

One neighbor has been doing this for years, taking a little bit of everything a couple of times a week. If he needs more, he always asks, and he pays in roses, although this is not a demand from the OP, but a token of gratitude.

This Redditor shared how their neighbor’s girlfriend cut off everything in their garden despite it not being ready for harvest.

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The other neighbor never really cooked and therefore never needed it. But, bring in his girlfriend. She introduced herself, they talked, and eventually OP suggested that she enjoy the garden too. However, there was a condition – “as soon as he has a chance to grow up a little.”

But for some reason she didn’t pay attention to this very obvious detail and after 2 weeks she started cutting every herb until there were only a few left. Needless to say, the OP was furious. So instead of making a fuss, they sent their boyfriend as he was the diplomat in the family.

The OP is a person who shares, but they didn’t expect the neighbor to destroy their garden, let alone not heed their polite request to stop.

Man furious after neighbor's girlfriend 'helps herself' their entire herb garden after being offered 'some'

Image Source: uikesladium

The significant other explained the situation – that the plants weren’t ready yet – to the neighbor, who began to apologize at length, saying that this girl would not approach the herbs until the OP gave permission.

All was quiet for a week. Then the wild girlfriend reappeared with scissors in her hands. But only a week has passed, and there is nothing to collect. But, apparently, she needed parsley for meatballs. The strangest thing here is that there is a grocery store within walking distance, but the garden is apparently trucker. Um, closer.

At this point, there were only a few leaves in the garden. So the OP just told the neighbor’s girlfriend to buy her herbs at the shop from now on. However, she didn’t seem to take it well because she blushed and went back inside.

And that was the hardest part for the OP, as they elaborated, “Forcing myself to embarrass her instead of yelling at her like crazy.” [was the most challenging part in this situation]. I didn’t want to do anything to jeopardize our good relationship with the landlord.”

The OP also provided an update saying there was a conflict with a “super sniper” at the neighbor’s house.

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While this isn’t the end of their garden, OP says it sucks, that they’ll have to wait until it grows back.

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Well, a week later, the OP chatted with a nice neighbor who seems to be a bit nosy and found out that the other neighbor had a disagreement a few days ago. “Like he’s tired of her [shirt]”. Haven’t seen her car since. The two switched tactics for restoring the garden and rethought their placement so no one would see.

“With luck, in the near future I will not write about how she climbed into his yard through mine,” the OP concluded.

Alas, there are no other updates other than the one OP provided in the post, but they also never saw the girlfriend come back and the good news is that another neighbor has planted more parsley and basil and they are doing well!

In the comments, OP clarified (in response to people’s questions) that their garden will be restored to its former glory, but the damage has already been done, meaning they’ll have to wait longer. And who likes to wait?

The OP went on to provide context in the comments where people supported

They also explained that it is not a problem for them to share as much as necessary. But time was the key here; the girl had to wait until the plants grew ready.

Finally, people wondered if the neighbors broke up after this incident, but the OP isn’t sure. In any case, in a few months, two herbalists will have enough for everyone.

In the comments, people shared similar stories, to a greater or lesser extent. Others have suggested revenge or just call the police, but the OP seems like a peaceful type who doesn’t mind the exchange, just pointing out that it needs to be done in an orderly manner.

We were wondering if this is really right at the moment, or is it just a misunderstanding on the part of a friend and she just didn’t know how to deal with it later? And the OP said they weren’t quite sure. But “most people understand that plants take time to grow and that it’s rude to take a mile when you’re offered an inch.”

So what do we take away from this? OP shared his advice in light of his recent experience: “Be polite but firm. Don’t let people take advantage of your kindness by letting them walk on you.”

The post received modest attention on the internet, and some internet sites picked up the story and passed it on. You can read it in full and in context here. Or you can also read another story we covered about a woman who thought her neighbor’s backyard was her kids’ backyard.

But before you leave, let us know your thoughts, suggestions, and opinions in the comments section below! Or share the herbs you like, it’s the season now, you know (unless you live on the opposite side of the planet or you’re reading this in the future, in which case wait 6 months and “hello future man! are people already living on Mars?” “).

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