Man reveals his house is owned by his teenage daughter from her late mother, bride makes a scene

Remember that old tale about the evil stepmother who married the king and then began to mock his daughter? Well, you definitely know this girl – she was also called Snow White. The plot is a classic for all time – and it really repeats itself from year to year.

However, it often turns out that women who find themselves in the position of that very “evil stepmother” sometimes do not even realize what exactly they are doing, acting unconsciously. And then, when they are pointed out to the inadmissibility of their behavior, they are still very offended.

Like, for example, the author of the topic in the AITA Reddit community. Her post has so far received over 14,000 votes and almost 2,000 different comments. The 28-year-old woman was trying to figure out if she had done the right thing by quarreling with her 38-year-old fiancé.

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The original poster dated the man for two years until he finally proposed, which she accepted.

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So, Original Poster dated the man for two years, until he finally proposed, which she happily accepted. Later, the couple began to discuss their plans for life after the wedding, or rather, where to live.

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Her fiancé’s first wife had passed away five years earlier, leaving a 15-year-old daughter.

It should be clarified that at that time the woman had a 6-year-old son, and her fiancé had a 15-year-old daughter from her first marriage. Her mother had passed away five years earlier, and the girl has since taken over the master bedroom in the house, which has always surprised OP. She once even asked a man about this, to which he replied that this is his daughter’s house, so she herself decides where to sleep.

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The OP wanted the man’s daughter to come out of the main bedroom after their wedding.

So, during this discussion, the OP said that she wants to permanently move into his house and would like his daughter to come out of the master bedroom for the couple. The man replied that in fact the house was officially registered to his daughter, and most likely they would have to buy themselves a new one.

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It turned out that the house was officially registered to the daughter, since her mother was gone.

True, as he noted, in the five years that have passed since the death of his wife, he has saved up money, so now he has about 60 percent of the required amount – well, they will pay the rest together. The OP was indignant and said that if he wants to marry her and adopt her son, then the house should belong not only to his daughter, but also to them.

The woman got very angry and called him a jerk, saying that he should have told her about it right away. The man countered that they still wouldn’t be homeless because they still had three years until their daughter came of age, and then probably another four years before they graduated from college. In any case, he always knew that sooner or later he would have to move out, so he deliberately saved money for a new house.

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The car OP was driving was also registered to the girl.

The OP asked what else is registered on his daughter. He replied that the car that OP was driving would be taken by the girl when she left for college. Then the woman once again called him a jerk, took her son and went to her parents. However, when she told her story with tears in her eyes, her brother just laughed and said that she acted like a gold digger and, of course, like a real jerk.

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The commentators were almost completely unanimous – the OP really behaved like a gold digger.

Now it must be said that the opinion of the commentators was almost completely unanimous – and they condemned the woman en masse, saying that she really behaved like a gold digger. Redditors couldn’t help but remind her of the story of Snow White and the fact that OP almost became that very evil stepmother of a 15-year-old girl.

People on Reddit also noted that the late wife prudently agreed with her husband about guarantees for her daughter for the future, and that in any case, they can be calm for the girl.

The man read the OP’s post and immediately demanded his ring back.

Which, however, cannot be said about the OP. The fact is that her fiancé read her post on Reddit and demanded to return the ring. As the woman herself wrote, one of these days he will arrive, take the ring and the car back – and it will all be over.

Although, on the one hand, the story looks very sad, on the other hand, perhaps the girl and her father were lucky that he did not share his fate with such a woman. In any case, we, as always, will be very grateful for your comments, as well as opinions on who is right and who is wrong in this particular situation.

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