Man who left his pregnant wife is now upset that his wife didn’t consult with him before naming the twins

In ancient times, people believed that the name that is given to a person largely affects his future life and destiny. There were even special reference books by which it was possible to determine what was in store for the child, based on his name. I wonder what the authors of these handbooks would say about the circumstances under which children are given names?

In an ideal world, parents sit down together and discuss the name they will give their newborn child, and in the end they choose the best and most beautiful. But this is a perfect world, rainbow ponies live there, politicians always tell the truth, and parents of newborns never quarrel. In the real world, obviously, things are a little different…

For example, as described in this mail in the AITA Reddit community, which has collected more than 9.6 thousand votes and almost 600 different comments. The author of the post is a mother who recently gave birth to twins and came up with beautiful names for them. Yes, both – without the slightest support and participation of the biological father.

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Original poster gave birth to twins, although their biological father abandoned them long before birth

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The original poster planned a wedding with her fiancé, but when it became known that she was pregnant with twins, the man unexpectedly left her. As a result, the OP had only minimal contact with him throughout her pregnancy, mostly discussing future child custody.

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The man even fought for 0% custody and received only a visit and parental rights

Interestingly, the man fought for 0% custody, as a result of which he received visitation and parental rights – but nothing more. Three days before OP had a c-section, they were talking again, so the future father knew exactly when and where his children would be born. Of course he didn’t show up.

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Faced with the problem of naming the children, the OP chose their names herself.

He did not come even when the newborns were in the intensive care unit for two weeks. Moreover, he did not even write or call. As a result, when the newly-made mother faced the question of choosing names for the babies, she named them herself, and even registered them with her last name.

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The man threw a tantrum when the OP refused to rename the babies because he didn’t like their names.

But when the children were already three weeks old, the biological father suddenly appeared – as it turned out, only in order to find out the names of his children. Having learned the names, the man became very angry – he did not like them, and when it turned out that the children’s surname would also not be his, he completely lost his temper.

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To this, the OP retorted that she had not heard anything from him for three whole weeks after the birth of the children, so the mother had no choice. However, this explanation did not suit the man, and he threw a tantrum due to the fact that he was not asked about such an extremely important matter.

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The commenters supported the OP and suggested that she call her family lawyer just in case.

However, people in the comments were massively supportive of the OP. In their opinion, if a man had already decided that he would not study, then he refused to make any decisions regarding children, including the right to choose their names.

Commentators also advised the mother, just in case, to contact a family lawyer in order to once again protect herself and the kids from possible troubles from the biological father in the future. Because if the situation starts in such an unpleasant way, in the future it can become even worse …

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