Management addresses this guy’s concerns about a certain employee, so he puts all possible restrictions on his computer.

Tardiness in the workplace is not an uncommon occurrence.

Whether it’s the overall culture of the place that makes it hard for you to focus, colleagues who don’t miss an opportunity to chit chat about anything and everything – whatever it is, chances are you’ve found yourself Deal with it.

It could be anything: perpetually scrolling through social media in hopes of finding another dog video, spending hours staring at that sparkling white ceiling, or simply engaging in non-work-related activities that get you going. are bound to cause trouble.

Sooner or later, we’re all going to be overworked — and when you can’t afford to take a temporary vacation, sometimes life calls for creative solutions, even if it means your dad Finishing the line and hanging around a little water cooler. A little longer.

However, there is a limit to everything, and misusing your work assets can cause unnecessary problems that may cause inconvenience to other members.

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You know what they say – “Make IT your friend, not your enemy”.

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Leveraging my job description to put an end user in his place” – this netizen turned to Reddit. r/Malicious Compliance To remind the community about the time he put a salesman in his place who misused the computer. The post has received over 15K upvotes and 347 comments discussing the story.

The salesman abuses the company’s computers, so the IT guy sets restrictions, he has limited access.

Management addresses this guy's concerns about a certain employee, so he puts all possible restrictions on his computer.

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The man began his post by explaining that a few years ago he managed a network of Cadillac dealerships, and there was a sales worker who liked to study computers in his spare time – however, OPK Accordingly, this meant that the boy knew. Being too “absolutely dangerous”.

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The OP will receive constant complaints that the employee is bunking at a certain floating desk and blocking it from anyone else’s use.

Naturally, the man reached out to his management in hopes that they would be able to fix the problem, but – surprise, surprise – they didn’t want to do anything about it and clearly indicated that the problem It is his responsibility.

It’s unfortunate that higher-ups couldn’t care less, as the boy is said to have been bypassing many safety features.

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But, as we all know, everything has its limits. So, when the author got incredibly tired of all the daily messages complaining about the guy, he decided to take the initiative and handle it himself.

Since the author was dealing with an average user, he thought it best to go to the farthest extreme. He took the machine, pictured it as a floating table and let his creativity take over.

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Once he was done, he brought in all the change and approached his bosses to approve the lock purchase request, which they did without question. He introduced it as a “necessary safety measure” and didn’t forget to mention how it was in his job description to do so.

The OP then spent Monday morning making all the changes. Afternoon rolls around, and the infamous salesman shows up, and even though the man is off the clock, he decides to stick around and see the consequences of his deliciously malicious compliance.

Seconds pass, and the office is blessed with: “I can’t log out,” “I can’t boot my USB,” “I can’t do anything!”

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The man was pumped to see the man wandering hopelessly on the sales floor, who had nothing. However, there was a bonus part – whenever a different sales worker complained about changes to the company’s software, he only needed to say that it was due to a colleague’s mishandling of the computer. It was necessary. And although he wasn’t allowed to give his name, everyone knew who he was.

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