Mandy Moore remembers trying ‘awful’ makeup look for older Rebecca on ‘This Is Us’

Mandy Moore She looks back on some of her more memorable makeup looks this is us,


The 37-year-old actress has spent a lot of time in the makeup chair for the show Diversity reported in 2018 that it took her “about three hours” to apply the aging makeup to her current scenes.

in an interview with I!, Mandy Turns out that the current process of applying her makeup results in a more authentic look, some of the earlier ideas for her makeup and prosthetics were “terrible.”

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“I remember the first hair and makeup test,” she shared. “I had this really long gray wig. They made her look like she was in the late ’90s.” She explained that she has to wear a mask on her brows and lips, and “fake eyebrows.”

“We have a lot of really funny pictures that I have to put out – maybe once the show is done,” Mandy continued, adding that she went through several fittings to find out if her on-screen age is possible in a credible way.


He also noted that when this is us Producer Dan Fogelman first discussed the idea of ​​playing Old Rebecca with her, saying she was “scared.”

Mandy said Diversity In 2018, “I love that I have been given the opportunity to play this character from 25 to 68. It is so unheard of. So I am not bothered about the process that comes with it.”


The actress was recently spotted during a screening this is us‘Final season and You can see all the pictures here,

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