Maren Morris shows off toned abs in tiny bra after bodyshamers criticize new mom for ‘inappropriate clothing’

MAREN Morris showed off her toned abs in a tiny sports bra after her mother’s abusers criticized her for “inappropriate clothing”.

The mother of one of them posed in a blue tracksuit for a new bathroom selfie.


Maren Morris shows off her toned figure in a tiny sports bra1 credit
Maren Morris with husband Ryan Hurd and son Hayes.


Maren Morris with husband Ryan Hurd and son Hayes.Credit: INSTAGRAM/marenmorris

Maren held on to the wall in the bathroom and took a picture with a serious expression on her face.

She looked in the mirror, wearing a light blue tiny sports bra and tight workout shorts.

Her tattoos and toned abs were on display when she took the picture.

“Will live in @aritzia TNA oil sets throughout the tour,” she captioned the Instagram story.

All the times Maren Morris showed off her figure despite her mom's shame
Maren Morris fans go crazy as she shows off her curves and abs in tiny bikini

Earlier that day, she wore a similar outfit, but this time in black.

Maren played pickleball in this outfit before today’s performance in Raleigh.

“Queen of pickled balls (yes, we made custom paddles to match the tour). See you tonight, Roli!

That morning, she posted a series of photos of herself playing and then her son in the arena.

These photos are taken after Maren continues to dress the way she wants to, despite being told by shameful moms that she dresses “inappropriately.”


The troll commented on a photo of the country artist on stage, and Maren clapped back.

In it, she stood with her arms crossed over her head in a sexy jumpsuit and fishnet tights.

She joked in the caption, “Pirouette? Checking my deodorant? Tour? All of the above?

“Anyway, I’m glad to see you all.

Someone in her post commented, “Please dress appropriately.”

The musician replied: “RESPECT 4 MOM BOOBZ”.

She reposted the exchange in her history on Instagram, adding: “I often see such comments in the Country Music accounts addressed to me, Taaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaakii from this.”

After receiving backlash from both the Texas native and her fans, the troll deleted their comment.


Maren didn’t seem to be bothered by the comment as she continued to show off her figure in various outfits.

The GIRL singer has never been shy about showing off her body, even after greeting her son.

Recently she showed her body in a sexy bikini, relaxing on a boat.

Her fans ate it, praised her as “GORGEOUS” and said things like, “You look amazing.”

Maren posed confidently in a chic and sexy bikini in April 2021 after she stated she was “proud” of her body after the birth of her son.

The singer shared pictures on Instagram, calling herself “damn cool.”

Clapping back for the haters, she posted the Playboy photos she posed for in 2019.

In black and white pictures, Maren posed naked, wearing a cowboy hat.

A year after the birth of the boy, Maren showed off her curves in a bikini.

She took to Instagram to post various photos from a beach holiday with her husband Ryan in 2021.

In one picture shared on social media, she is posing in front of a glass door with a reflection showing her in a bikini.

In another photo, she was wearing sunglasses and holding a drink.

She then posted a photo of herself lying on her stomach in a bikini, holding the bikini in her hand and looking away.

In June 2021, Maren shared series of sexy shots for the fans.

In the first photo of the series, she was seen wearing a black crop top and skinny jeans, before showing off the full look in the rest of the post.

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Maren welcomed her son Hayes in 2020 from her husband Ryan Hurd.

The couple got married in 2018.

Maren Morris showed her tummy in a tiny bikini


Maren Morris showed her tummy in a tiny bikiniCredit: Maren Morris/Instagram
Maren Morris showed toned abs in a white bikini


Maren Morris showed toned abs in a white bikiniCredit: Instagram/@marenmorris
Maren Morris and Ryan Hurd at the 57th Academy of Country Music Awards on March 7, 2022


Maren Morris and Ryan Hurd at the 57th Academy of Country Music Awards on March 7, 20221 credit

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