Mark Ruffalo wrote a hilarious apology to Chris Evans after Captain America’s revelation in She-Hulk

After details of his iconic MCU hero’s personal life were revealed by Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk in She-Hulk Attorney Episode 1, Chris Evans got on twitter, posting a triple set of crying emoji, zipped lip emoji, and a hashtag calling for the show. A few hours later Ruffalo is crooked answered“Sorry bro. It was under a lot of pressure.”

The compulsion indicated in Ruffalo’s scathing response can be interpreted in one of two ways. Of course, in the episode, Jennifer Walters aggressively pursues Bruce Banner for capping Cap’s affair, even pretending to be drunker than she really is in a post-credits scene to get him to go into detail. But in real life, Ruffalo got the script and he had a contractual obligation to act out the scene. Coercion, indeed.

Either way, the tweet was a great take on the funniest moment of the first episode of She-Hulk, demonstrating the connection between many of the original Avengers cast. What’s more, this moment highlights the more abrupt (at least for an MCU property) direction in which She-Hulk seems to be heading. After all, we already know that She-Hulk has an unusual array of influences, including boundaries. – push comedies like Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s famous Fleabag.

Will fans learn any more sinister details about the original Avengers’ personal lives? Lead writer Kat Coiro says She-Hulk fans should expect more details. But there’s only one way to find out: new episodes of She-Hulk Attorney at Law are currently streaming every Thursday exclusively on Disney+.

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