Mark Wahlberg befriends his daughter’s boyfriend at the gym

Mark Wahlberg became friends with his daughter, Ella’s boyfriend, attending the gym together.

He even described her boyfriend as “a wonderful young man.”

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We now all know Mark Wahlberg as one of the most prolific actors in Hollywood …

And he has risen to levels of unprecedented stardom since his first acting job in 1994.

He is best known for his roles in films such as Lovely storm (2000), Planet of the apes (2001) and Italian work (2003) …

He is also known for comedic roles in films such as Ted (2012) and father’s house (2015).

In fact, believe it or not, he was the highest paid actor in the world in 2017.

An impressive reward, I must say!

Besides acting, Wahlberg is also a producer and businessman …

And back in 2010, he received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

So it cannot be denied that he had an extremely successful professional life …

But behind the scenes, it wasn’t always so perfect.

In fact, the actor is no stranger to controversy.

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As a teenager, Wahlberg, who grew up in a family of 9 siblings, dropped out of school and quickly found himself caught up in a life of crime.

By the age of thirteen, he was addicted to drugs …

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And he was involved in drug dealing, theft, and all-round violent behavior, which ultimately led him to serve time in prison at the age of sixteen.

He, of course, has a very interesting life …

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Unfortunately, the actor got involved in some pretty bad antics during his teens and early teens.

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In 2014, the actor attempted to apologize for one of the attacks and erase it from his criminal record, stating that while his fame “in no way, in any form” should be a reason for granting it, he hoped that his recent actions will show that he has changed.

“I deeply regret the action that I took on the night of April 8, 1988, as well as any lasting damage I might have caused to the victims. Since then, I have dedicated myself to becoming a better person and citizen, to be a role model for my children and other people, ”he said. wrote in his statement of pardon.

He later turned down this request in 2016 and in a 2020 interview with The keeper, he explained that he “did the job” to fix everything.

“I took it upon myself to admit my mistakes and go against the tide and no longer be part of the gang – to say that I was going to go and do my own thing,” he explained.

“[It] it became ten times more difficult for me to go from home to the station, to school, to work. But I was also proud that I did the right thing and changed my life … I hope that people can get a second chance in life. “

It is clear that Wahlberg deeply regrets his atrocious crimes …

And he has been working on fixing himself for many years.

Including his own health and fitness.

We all now know that the actor is known for his incredible fitness and commitment to staying in the best possible shape …

His grueling workout regimes, which usually start at 2 a.m., are something.

This huge not from us, by the way!

And it seems that health and fitness is also a good way for Wahlberg to bond with his daughter’s boyfriend.

Wahlberg shared a video on Instagram of him training with his daughter’s boyfriend and people love it …

After sharing a video of himself and his daughter Ella’s boyfriend wearing the same outfits at the gym, Wahlberg said:

“I used to train to keep boys away from my girls, but now I train with a guy.”

He then walks over to her boyfriend and hugs him before the video ends.

Under the video, Wahlberg wrote a caption in which he called himself “a happy father.”

“Ella is a happy girl, and I am a happy dad! He is a wonderful young man, ”he wrote.

You can watch the video above.

Nice to see them getting closer!

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