Marketing coordinator candidate asked to fill out paper job application, says it’s “disrespectful”

Job interviews are often stressful for applying candidates. We practice answering the questions we expect to avoid any surprises and do our research on the company to make sure we are well prepared, but a scenario that What we often don’t expect is that we don’t like the company. A job interview is a two-way street, after all, so there’s no point in taking the job if you’ve had a terrible interview experience.

a woman, Natalia Haddixrecently Detailed on TikTok A negative experience during the interview process at a potential job. Frustrated and confused by many factors, Natalia walks out before completing the interview. After sharing her experience online, however, not all viewers agreed with Natalia’s reasoning.

Below, you’ll find Natalia’s full explanation of her experience, as well as some responses from viewers, so you can decide for yourself whether the red flags she saw would have been deal breakers for you too. Let us know what you think in the comments below, and if you’ve ever walked out of a job interview, we’d love to hear why. Then if you are interested in checking out another one. You can find the article in which the applicant changed his mind during the interview. right here.

After a job interview left her with a bad taste in her mouth, Natalia Haddix decided to detail her negative experience online.

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You can watch Natalia tell the whole story right here.

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After a viewer commented that the interview process would have been normal for older generations, Natalia responded with another video defending her opinion.

You can watch Natalia’s follow-up video here.

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If a company wants to get new workers, it’s important that they conduct their interviews in a way that makes potential employees feel safe, comfortable, and excited about the prospect of working there. We all need jobs to pay our bills and put food on the table, but especially these days, amid the great layoffs, employees aren’t willing to settle for anything. Natalya had every right to walk out of the interview when she decided she didn’t feel good about the whole thing.

And while viewers are divided on whether or not Natalia was being reasonable or dramatic about her problems with the company, there’s no question that all businesses should know how to conduct a professional interview, whether Whatever that means to them. According to a piece written by Rebecca Knight. Harvard Business ReviewThe interview process is extremely important for employers to focus on.

John Sullivan, an HR expert and professor of management at San Francisco State University, warns that if a company’s interview process leaves candidates with a bad taste in their mouths, “they roll their eyes and look for other opportunities.” will.” So how can employers prevent this from happening? The first step is to prepare with relevant questions. Employers can list the most important attributes they want their new hires to possess, based on their importance in their existing staff, and then create their interview questions aimed at ensuring that That they find people with similar skills and work ethics.

Another great way to keep candidates’ stress levels low and ensure they perform well during the interview is to let them know some of the topics that will be discussed ahead of time. It’s also helpful to be flexible and ready to meet at a time that’s convenient for them. Employers can even fill candidates in on things like office dress code and what the building looks like, so there are fewer surprises when the actual interview comes around.

And when it comes to these things to avoid while interviewing candidates, employers should never forget to prepare for their interview. They should know what they are looking for when the interview begins. It can also be a bad idea to include too many colleagues in the interview process. Too many cooks in the kitchen can make it difficult to make a decision or stress the applicant out. Finally, be careful not to focus too much on ‘cultural fit’ as people can always adapt.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on Natalia’s video below. Are you even put off by the interview process, or does it feel just fine to you? Regardless of what you think of his decision, however, it’s important for everyone to feel confident and comfortable where they work. So I hope for her sake that she is able to find a job that she genuinely enjoys.

Viewers are divided about the situation, with some agreeing with Natalia and others noting that there is a racial divide.

BoardPanda has reached out to Natalia via email, and we’ll update this story as soon as we hear back.

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