Marla Sokoloff Pregnant, Expecting ‘Surprise’ 3rd Baby With Husband

Marla Sokolov is pregnant with her husband Alec Poro expecting an amazing third child.

Alec Peru and Marla Sokolov pose for a photo of their 9-year-old daughter, Elliott Poro. Photo by Elliott Peru

Round three! Marla Sokolov Announced Wednesday, October 13, that her third child is on the way.

“One, two, three!” No space Alum, 40, with family photos of her husband. Alec Puro And their daughters, Elliott, 9, and. olive, 6, through. Instagram. “Ah! Our lovely amazing little lady is coming in early 2022.”

In a social media upload, a San Francisco man raised his belly in a three-fingered patterned dress. His girls hugged him. Her bulging belly In the second shot

The actress married Pro, 46, in November 2009 in California, and they met Elliott and Olive in 2012 and 2015, respectively.

The little ones are big fans of their mother’s role on the ABC show, which ran from 1987 to 1995, and the restoration series, Filler house. “I think the school kids told them about it,” said Sokolov, who played Jia. in touch In November 2019. “I don’t know how they got it. It’s just Netflix’s gift, and maybe. [went] In one show, and it took them to the other and they somehow got there.

Of Baby Sitters Club. The star added at the time: “They are insane. Filler house. I mean, sometimes I’ll come home. Work is underway on this Filler house, And I walk through the door, and they are watching. Filler house. They stream 800 episodes. I’m like, ‘Logo, we need to take a break!’ ‘

Elliott and Olive were “starstrokes” when they saw it. Candice Cameron Beaver. On the set, the practice went on to say alum.

“It’s kind of cool that they come to work and see it all happen,” he explained. “It makes me feel even better that what I’m doing has some kind of meaning for them, and I’m not just going in and flying everywhere and leaving them. I think they It is good to make some kind of payment for.

The following month, Sokolov reflected on how he took care of his family while directing his first film out of state.

“I had this calendar where every hot lunch, every play date, every school enrichment was scheduled. Carpool activities I didn’t have a day where they weren’t doing anything. Filler house The star said Mother Filming in December 2019. Christmas Hotel.. “When I got there and I was on the seat, I never had to text a girlfriend in a hurry or text my husband about how someone was going home.”

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