Marvel’s Hawkeye: Vincent D’Onofrio is playing Kingpin again and this tweet

On the one hand, it could be read as an innocent, agitated tweet. On the other hand, it had a much deeper meaning. And Vincent D’Onofrio knew it.


Vincent D’Onofrio knew what he was doing when he wrote this tweet.

You know one thing. The veteran movie star’s quote posted on November 18 tweeted a message from Marvel Studios about the future. Hawkeye Disney + miniseries. He wrote: “It will be fun. I love these @Marvel shows. “

Such innocent words sparked a storm of speculation about whether D’Onofrio was going to repeat his formidable Daredevil villain, crime boss in a white Kingpin / Wilson Fisk suit.

“So my sons are big fans of Marvel,” D’Onofrio told “I have a 21-year-old and a 13-year-old boyfriend, so I was with them when I tweeted this, and we were really in awe of Hawkeye, so this is it.

“Did I know somewhere that people would say, ‘Oh, this is going to be something special? Is he trying to say something? “. I knew it.”

D’Onofrio first joins the on-screen world of Marvel in the first episode Daredevil in 2015 and his credibility as one of the most formidable antagonists in the comic book universe, it has sparked a fierce loyalty among fans.

When the show ended in 2018, he decided that the time he played Fisk was over.

“Some time has passed since Daredevil that I thought it was all over forever, ”said D’Onofrio. “I supported the fans who wanted this to come back, and I still do, but in this business you get used to getting away from things. This is what you do, so I did as usual.

“So at the beginning of this year it was really good when [Marvel Studios boss] Kevin [Feige] called me and told me what was on his mind. “

D’Onofrio is revealed as the main villain behind the machinations HawkeyeThe series, which follows Jeremy Renner’s “The Avenger of Clint Barton” and introduces Haley Steinfeld as the next generation super-archer Kate Bishop, was teased before being seen.

Loyal and discerning fans, already thrilled by D’Onofrio’s tweet, jumped in excitement as a familiar offscreen laugh punctuated the scene in Episode 3.

It took another two weeks before his return was confirmed, but D’Onofrio’s return to his homeland coincided with another event in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Fisk D’Onofrio was the opponent of Daredevil Charlie Cox / Matt Murdoch – and still Daredevil The series, along with its Netflix Marvel stablemates, has not been confirmed as MCU canon.

Six Marvel shows on Netflix, including Jessica Jones and the Punisherwere allegedly related to MCU films in the sense that they referred to events that took place in the films, but this was not reciprocal – in part due to the now defunct structure that previously divided Marvel films and TV shows within different studio divisions.

This split has now been consolidated under the leadership of Feige, who oversees all of Marvel Studios’ projects, including the growing Disney + streaming series.

With D’Onofrio and Cox (who briefly reprises his role as Matt Murdock in Spider-Man: No Way Home) now firmly in the MCU, it is retroactively pulling Netflix shows into this world, although one suspects that not every character or aspect will surface again.

For D’Onofrio, it’s all about sinking back into Fisk’s skin.

“If people don’t know it yet, I really enjoyed playing this character,” he said. “This is such a wonderful character.

“When I first started creating a character for DaredevilI realized that I would really enjoy it, even though it is stressful at times due to the character’s life story and he shows a lot of emotional anger.

“This is not always how I would like to spend my days in real life. But in general, the idea of ​​doing this kind of thing and playing that role is just fun. “

And D’Onofrio is hoping to do it again – because we don’t actually see Fisk die at the end of Hawkeye as the camera pans around and is fired from a pistol aimed at him.

But everyone knows that Wilson Fisk is not easily defeated. And if you have a ready and passionate D’Onofrio, why not?

Hawkeye is now live on Disney +

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