Marvel’s Secret Invasion News Should Make Fans Nervous

Scoop comes from Rewards daily interview with character actor Christopher McDonald. When asked about what it’s like to work in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, McDonald gave details about his character (“he can slip in and out of any storyline in the Marvel Universe”), whose name is yet to be revealed. But a more disturbing revelation came immediately after: “Actually, we’re heading back to London on Tuesday to film additional scenes. it, and the series gets a lot deeper than before.”

McDonald describes the situation very positively, but the word “reshoot” makes fans nervous, especially when a brand new (and unnamed) screenwriter is brought in to change the situation. But to be more optimistic, this isn’t necessarily a cause for concern, as reshoots are a normal part of Hollywood productions these days, even though they can often cost filmmakers a lot of money.

Fans will just have to wait and see how Secret Invasion ends. We can expect more details as we get closer to the scheduled air date next year.

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