Mary Cosby has made a lot of allegations about Whitney Rose, and fans have screenshots.

Only two and a half weeks in season 2. Real housewives. Of Salt Lake City, When there was complete chaos on social media. Mary Cosby. Lots of accusations against his co-star on Twitter, Whitney Rose

In a series of tweets, Maryam made less than three accusations against her co-star: that she was a liar, racist, and that he took advantage of a woman in a club bathroom.

Maryam has since deleted the tweets, and no further context has been provided. However, fans were rushing to screenshot the evidence – and now they are weighing in on what was said.

Grammar Police is ready!

Although Maryam’s allegations were light-hearted, fans were quick to shed light on the grammar in her tweets. The overall decision? There was no one.

After Instagram account. house realhousewivesfranchise Published screenshots of Mary’s tweets, * Anthonisophia. Wrote, “The lack of endowments makes this sound very chaotic. I like it.”

Similarly, brownkatcaggiano Just kidding “Can we talk about Mary’s use of apostrophes?” And bo_moore Commented, “mmarymcosby Can you refresh your grammar? We can barely understand you.”

In the same vein, littleaguilarfam Pulled out “This girl’s endowments are cruel. I could barely pass through them without making my eyes water.”

tymatty_dougallThe final thought on the matter was, “Mary’s use of grammar is the most worrying thing to get out of it.”

Some other fans were puzzled as to why Maryam was cursing anyone on social media. As a pastor

us gustavobarra99 Commented, “Shouldn’t you live by Mary’s preaching? ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ Before adding, “# Just say that.”

Another fan, el Yildasphoto The sound is, “Holy shit! Mary needs Jesus. She is the head of a church, she hates something ridiculous that is not Christian! She must set an example for her congregation. And she needs to learn grammar.” – With crying laughing emoji.

Is it all linked to the suggestion that Mary is a cult leader?

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As Page six. Reportedly, Mary’s outburst could be a direct result of Whitney’s comments on allegations that her church was a cult.

In light of this, some RHOSLC fans were in a hurry to create a link between its tires. ilovebeingluke To write “Wow! Does it do a pastor or a sect leader ???????????

re Jerimid 77. One such question was, while posting, “Will you preach your conduct to Mary?”

Fans consider Mary’s racism and Whitney’s allegations that he is taking advantage of a woman at a club

As far as Mary’s actual allegations are concerned, the consensus among fans was that she needed to provide receipts before making a claim. Ever since Maryam deleted the tweets, it seems we will have to wait before any of these receipts come to light.

As for Whitney’s response, she took to her Instagram stories to say that she would not resolve the allegations.

“I don’t respond to crazy or baseless allegations,” he said. He finally wrote, “I really hope we can all try a little harder to guide with love.”

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