Mathew Slams Captain Sandy in Below Deck Med Reunion Trailer

Season six. Deck under the Mediterranean. There has been one for the books, and based on this special sneak peek, there will be a reunion.

at first sight , Lady Michelle staff.– Sons Lexie Wilson, Former Stowe Joe Captain Sandy Yan. He fired after a series of beheadings with other boats – resuming the wild voyage, beginning with this revelation Courtney Valley. Almost all of the staff saw all the colleagues naked at some point.

Chief Stove. Katie Flood The gist of it is: “It was basically a show.”

But with every entertaining memory comes a new argument.

“Did you realize you were losing Captain Sandy’s confidence?” the host Andy Cohen Boson asks Malia White, to refer. Situation with David PascoeInjury. As fans certainly remember, the crash was not reported, and when Captain Sandy found out what had happened, it exploded on Malia as never before.

Malia says she did not want to throw David “under the bus”, but we are not sure if Captain Sandy will be satisfied with his argument.

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