Matt Barr Shares Insights On Hoyt’s Biggest Character Change On Walker’s Independence

Of the difference between the Hoyt Rawlins of the 1800s and his original “Walker” character, Matt Barr said, “You know, I always thought of the modern Hoyt as a golden retriever with an unloaded gun. And the Hoyt of the 1800s might look like a German. Sheppard. You know, he’s good until you tell him, and then he bites.

While the modern Hoyt certainly has an edge when he needs it, he has nothing against his gun-shooting ancestor. “I think the Hoyt of the 1800s is more dangerous. In the Wild West, you had to be like that to survive. So I wanted to see that kind of DNA in him, but I also like the idea that you can’t really run away from your destiny. “added Barr. “So it was in Rawlins’ DNA that it was that constant recklessness that when we meet Hoyt 150 years later, [he’s] still trying to figure things out in his own way. And they’re equally adorable, aren’t they? They must be, right? Well, that can’t be denied.

Katherine McNamara chimed in: “That Rawlins charm is genetic, that’s for sure.” Barr concluded, “I wanted to differentiate them, but I also felt that they had a very similar basic ancestry.”

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