Matt Damon explained why he stopped writing with Ben Affleck.

Matt Damon only talked about how ‘ineffective’ he was while working with Ben Affleck (and Ben responded immediately!)

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JLOThis is not the only one that has recently reunited with Ben Affleck.

The Boston boys are writing together again! But why were they ever separated? Ben Affleck and Matt Damon met as college students and it ended. the youngest Screenwriting Both Oscar-winning (obvs) had their own successful acting careers in the 90’s, but you’d expect their humble beginnings (which included Sofa surfing Together) caused more work than just a movie, right?

Matt explained their long collaboration break at a recent press event for his new film.Last pair‘:

His teamwork style was ‘insufficient’

Through today

“One of the things that kept us from writing for so many years was that it was really useless to write in the 90’s when we were 22 and 20,” Matt said. Told reporters In Venice. “We took these characters and put them in very different scenarios, and then tried to mold them into something that looked like a movie, and so we ended up writing thousands of pages that We’ve never used it. Scenes with the characters of ‘Good Will Hunting’ are doing all sorts of things that will never come out in a movie. ”

Anyone else want a copy of these scenes ?!

There could be a technique like creativity, which prevented Matt from teaming up with Ben again.

“I think we both saw it as something that was so useless that we would never have time to do it again because we were working so hard and living so busy.”

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Matt thought Ben would slow him down.

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While Matt said he was surprised at the “completely different process this time,” Ben told him to speak up.

“I wasn’t surprised,” Ben interrupted. “I wrote to myself temporarily and I understood that you had to make a sketch. It was a shock to Matt.”

It is true that. Ben wrote. Three movies and seven TV episodes since ‘Good Will Hunting’ – but Matt did not admit that Ben got better.

“I also wrote temporarily and it was very useful but I was afraid that with this albatross, this rock in my neck …” Matt pointed to Ben without ending his sentence.

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They both deal with their confidence as they choose to embark on their play activities.

The men laughed at Matt’s comments and it’s no surprise: the two have been publicly shadowing each other for decades.

This year alone, Ben shared embarrassing headshots of IG and Matt. Said He wished her “nothing but trouble.”

Click below for the full rundown of their wonderful friendship.

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