Matt Smith has a brutally honest take on the sex scenes in ‘House of the Dragon’

The Game of Thrones universe has a brand, and it looks like HBO will stick with it. At the heart of the family drama House of the Dragon is Prince Damon, an ambitious Targaryen who hopes to take the throne after the death of his brother (Paddy Considine). According to Matt Smith, it won’t just be about riding dragons and starting a war. Speaking with Rolling Stone UKthe actor explained how “House of the Dragon” is similar to its predecessor.

“Do you find yourself asking, ‘Do we need another sex scene?’ Smith asked. “And they’re like, ‘Yes, we do.’ I think you should be asking yourself, “What are you doing? Are you representing books, or are you diluting books to represent time.” [we’re living in]? And I really think it’s your job to present books truthfully and honestly as they were written.”

The Targaryen prequel show does not specifically refer to A Song of Ice and Fire, but instead refers to a historical narrative called Fire and Blood. The book details the Targaryen civil war and follows the form of ancient history rather than a page-turning political thriller. According to Smith, this will not happen in the series. The Doctor Who actor gave a little hint of what viewers can expect from Damon’s love scenes. As it turns out, there are a lot of them.

“[S]too much if you ask me,” joked Smith. Tune in this August to see Smith in a blonde wig and apparently nothing else.

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