Maya Sieber’s Ice Road Trucker’s Advice for Those Aspiring to Join the Industry

During an interview in 2011 Trucker News, when asked what anyone starting out in the field should have in mind: Seiber had one piece of advice for aspiring truckers – never give up. “Do not give up. Take your time. Getting started will be difficult. You will feel lonely, sometimes there will be many failures. you right away,” Sieber said. “Move, retreat, turn around, map whatever it is, directions and see where you’re going. Just don’t give up. This is my advice.”

This is a dangerous industry even for a seasoned trucker like Seiber. Per, the long-haul trucking death rate overall shows it to be the seventh most dangerous occupation in America after occupations such as roofing and fishing and wildlife work. As well as Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the death rate is rising only among those who drive trucks, with a total of 843 deaths recorded in 2021. Even Ice Road Truckers themselves saw a few on-screen accidents during filming.

Passion and determination definitely shaped Sieber’s career. She said she’s always wanted to be a truck driver — ever since she was five, she’s been driving her dolls in toy trucks, according to a 2013 report. AOL interview. She had only been a professional driver for a year when the Ice Road Truckers called and made her a household name, allowing her to try her hand at modeling, among other hobbies. Although she only appeared on the show for one season, she definitely left behind an unforgettable screen legacy that will last for years to come.

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