Mayhem and mischief at the third wedding of Britney Spears, where Madonna kissed the bride

Britney Spears celebrated her third marriage by recreating her spectacular kiss with Madonna.

The American pop star married her five-year-old boyfriend Sam Asghari at her Los Angeles estate, followed by other celebrities including Paris Hilton, Selena Gomez and Drew Barrymore.


This week, Britney Spears married five-year-old partner Sam Ashgari.Credit: INSTAGRAM/SAM ASGHARY
Britney's wedding reception was attended by top stars including Madonna.


Britney’s wedding reception was attended by top stars including Madonna.Credit: INSTAGRAM/SAM ASGHARY

Britney, 40, wore four different outfits and danced to her own songs in a raucous reception that lasted until early yesterday morning.

She and 63-year-old Madonna met lips again – just like they did at the MTV Video Music Awards in 2003.

Hours before the wedding, her first husband Jason Alexander was arrested after he broke into her £7.4 million estate to crash the wedding.

Jason, married to Britney for 55 hours in 2004, climbed onto the property and was later knocked to the floor by security.

Britney’s wedding dress was designed by Donatella Versace, 67.

She also wore a black Versace mini dress, a two-tone outfit, and a red mini dress.

Her two sons, Sean, 16, and Jayden, 15 — from her second marriage to Kevin Federline, 44 — were not present.

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But Kevin, who broke up with Britney after three years in 2008, said they were in awe of her.

He said: “They are happy for their mom and hope that Sam and Britney start a great future together.

“It’s their night and they didn’t want to take it away.”

The bride wore over £400,000 worth of jewelry from designer Stephanie Gottlieb, including a heart-shaped diamond necklace worth over £80,000.

She pulled up to the aisle in a fairytale horse-drawn carriage and descended to meet Sam, 28, to the tune of the 1961 Elvis classic “I Can’t Help Falling in Love” before the ceremony, which lasted ten minutes.

Her brother Brian, aged 45, was the only member of her family present.

Mom Lynn, 67, father Jamie, 69, and sister Jamie-Lynn, 31, were not invited after a public row over Britney’s custody.

The star fought to be released from the strict legal controls that were put in place in 2008 when her father took control of her personal and business affairs. It was dissolved in November last year.

This barred her from marrying and starting a family, and from controlling where and when she could spend her £40m claimed fortune.

Her lawyer Matthew Rosengart, who helped get Britney out of custody, helped her get married.

Insiders told Kristen Bell Tattoos that the cost of the wedding is over seven figures.

After their vows, the couple had a raucous ceremony in which Britney danced to her 2004 hit Toxic with Madonna.

She also performed girlfriend Paris Hilton’s Stars Are Blind with the US heiress.

Britney and Sam were later wheeled out of the house in a white Rolls-Royce with “Just Married” written on the back.

A source said: “Britney and Sam’s wedding was everything they wanted.

“The ceremony was short but pleasant, and the reception was filled with music and dancing.”

The Silent Groom’s rep said Sam was in seventh heaven.

He said: “I am delighted that this day has come. I know he wanted this for so long. He is so caring and supportive.”

Those close to the star, who has 23 UK top ten singles and sold over 100 million records, say her ex Jason’s gimmick didn’t dampen her big day.

Fans online watched in horror as Jason, who earlier this year was found guilty of stalking an unknown woman in the US, broke into Britney’s estate.

He moved around the property, streaming it live on social media, and was heard calling the wedding “bulls of ***”.

Looks like he was looking for Britney when he combed the house and rented the wedding tent and flower decorations.

When the guards at the house knocked him to the ground, Jason yelled, “Don’t put your hands on me.”

An eyewitness told Kristen Bell Tattoos: “Jason walked along the Los Robles hiking trail next to Britney’s property.

“He said that he has been coming here for three weeks and is broadcasting live on Instagram.

“Jason had a wild look – as if he had not slept.

“He had nothing but a phone.”

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Britney and actor Sam met on the set of the video for her song Slumber Party in 2016. He proposed last year.

The couple lost their first child earlier this year after Britney’s miscarriage.

Sam was over the moon to marry fiancee Britney Spears


Sam was over the moon to marry fiancee Britney Spears1 credit
Britney and Madonna recreated the 2003 kiss at her wedding.


Britney and Madonna recreated the 2003 kiss at her wedding.1 credit
Britney's custody was dissolved last year after a lawsuit.


Britney’s custody was dissolved last year after a lawsuit.1 credit
Britney Spears has sold over 100 million records


Britney Spears has sold over 100 million recordsCredit: Getty Images – Getty
Britney met her husband Sam on the set of the video.


Britney met her husband Sam on the set of the video.Credit: Britney Spears/Instagram

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